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What is Psoriatic Arthritis?

Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) is a type of inflammatory arthritis which affects people who suffer from the chronic skin condition, psoriasis.

Common symptoms of psoriatic arthritis include pain, swelling, or stiffness in one or more joints that are red or warm to the touch. Person with psoriatic arthritis also experiences pain in and around the feet and ankles, especially tendinitis in the Achilles tendon or Plantar fasciitis in the sole of the foot and in the area of the Sacrum (the lower back, above the tailbone). Changes to the nails, such as pitting or separation from the nail bed also occurs.

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I must be crazy 10 Replies

I must be crazy...Well I am back and I have some more complaining to do. My wife says I complain more than most women, but sometimes it just feels better to get it out.  I am sorry for the stereotype, but oh well.Last month, I stopped using the…Continue

Started by mataribot in General Discussion. Last reply by Robyn 53 minutes ago.

Swelling along length of spine 2 Replies

Hi all,first shot of Humira tomorrow, yay!  Meanwhile thought my back felt a bit funny and what I could feel with my own hand felt swollen.  Husband confirms it is visibly swollen on the left side right next to vertabrae i.e. a long skinny swollen…Continue

Started by sybil in PsA Symptoms - List your Symptoms. Last reply by sybil 1 hour ago.

Eye inflammation 4 Replies

Painful red eye which primary care physician says is related to underlying disease. Still recovering from  a recent admission to hospital with a flare, and sometimes it just feels like this this disease never lets up. Feel a bit defeated by it all…Continue

Tags: eye

Started by AuroraB in Emotional Support. Last reply by jennyb 2 hours ago.

I Can Feel My Pulse In My Feet...No Likie 14 Replies

I know there have been other foot threads on here and I am reading some of them. My feet have not bothered me like this for a long time. I mean they have been sore, bit they are just all wacked out at the moment, from my ankles and  achilles tendons…Continue

Tags: pain, foot, feet

Started by mimiB in PsA Symptoms - List your Symptoms. Last reply by sybil 3 hours ago.

Latest Activity

Robyn replied to mataribot's discussion I must be crazy
"I have noticed that each time I have a major stress in my life, a new permanent issue is added to…"
53 minutes ago
Nicolene replied to mataribot's discussion I must be crazy
"Wow can totally relate with being blown off and 'crazy' my doctors loved blaming…"
1 hour ago

sybil replied to sybil's discussion Swelling along length of spine
"Thanks Cheryl, somehow this new bit brought on an attack of rage, at this rate I'll be a…"
1 hour ago
Robyn replied to mataribot's discussion I must be crazy
"I found myself saying - really I am not a hypochondriac but that may be because my mother actually…"
1 hour ago
Cheryl (CLR) replied to sybil's discussion Swelling along length of spine
"I had a massage therapist tell me that same thing along time ago. That's the extent of my…"
2 hours ago

sybil posted a discussion

Swelling along length of spine

Hi all,first shot of Humira tomorrow, yay!  Meanwhile thought my back felt a bit funny and what I…See More
2 hours ago

sybil commented on guidob2222's photo

Is this Swelling?

"Looks like swelling to me!  What do you reckon?"
2 hours ago
jennyb replied to AuroraB's discussion Eye inflammation
"I have had continual eye problems (iritis) long before I was diagnosed with PsA. Lots of prednisone…"
2 hours ago

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I must be crazy

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Mouth Problems

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Blog Posts

And life continues. . .

I am so exhausted today.  I decided to just stay home and try to sleep because I think I have been averaging about 4 - 5 hours sleep the last few weeks.  Surprisingly, I am not hurting as much as I thought I would be.

The last…


Posted by Spinning Diva~ on July 27, 2014 at 7:50pm — 5 Comments

It's a head game.

I hate when I have a new ache... wondering if the ankle I stepped on wrong will haunt me from now on or is that new dull pain in my back from cleaning the floors yesterday or is IT (psa) attacking there now.

I'm scared to even… Continue

Posted by Lena on July 27, 2014 at 1:58pm — 3 Comments





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