Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Admit it...I have Psa!


I am new to this site and just trying to figure it out…reading the instructions helped.
7 years ago I was diagnosed with Inverse Psoriasis and 2 years ago I started having knee pain and “back ground” joint pain issues. After a cortisone injection in my knee, my whole body felt better. The pain came back and spread to the other knee and I just accepted it as an age thing. Just over a year ago I developed what I thought was a heel spur but was told it is “just” planters fasciitis and went though all sorts of exercises and remedies to no help. Then fatigue hit like a brick and more joint stiffness…My Gp put me on 50 mg Prednisone for 15 days and I felt absolutely fantastic…all pain was gone and I had energy like a 20 year old. 3 weeks after I was off the prednisone I was told that I have PMR and was put on a longer course of it. That wore off and I was back to the pain and fatigue. My GP said she couldn’t help me and sent me to a new Rheumatologist. After 2 visits she was certain that I had PsA and prescribed a starting dose of MTX 10 mg and Prednisone to “get me through” till the MTX kicks in. I was in absolute denial about the PsA and just stared at the prescription for a whole month…and was getting worse. It was this site and another talk with the Rheumatologist that convinced me of the necessity to get on the MTX. I chose not to take the Prednisone as I had a real bad time coming off of it last time and chose to address pain with xtra strength Tylenol. After 3 weeks into the MTX, minor side affects of flu like aches about 48 hours after taking it. Minor stomach upset after 12 hours. So I guess that’s it. I don’t like having a disease…I have handled all sorts of painful injuries in my very active 59 years, some leaving permanent issues BUT this is so different from an injury. My male pride really wants to just tough this out but I am so drained and useless. The pain is ridiculous and random! I thought, “OK, so my knees, foot and elbow hurt…I can get used to this”. But then it leaves my elbow and heads somewhere else without much notice and certainly without my permission. :slight_smile: I am very appreciative of this site…I hope I didn’t screw anything up posting this. I tried on my iPhone but couldn’t find the way to do it. Thank you for listening!



My female pride has a similar effect sometimes!

You sound kind of cheerful, that’s one hell of an achievement. Seriously, it is, however you feel inside. And I like the way you describe PsA, I mean it is very accurate, the pain does drift quite seamlessly, sometimes so much so that I can’t even have a good ol’ moan about one part of me without it being out of date before I’ve finished my sentence.

Getting started on the drugs is not something anyone wants but for many of us it does mean that things are likely to improve fairly dramatically over time. And of course there are the biologics as the next level of treatment if required …

Good to meet you!



Thank you!



Welcome, psa is quite a thing and I relate to what you are saying. It is the worst thing I have ever faced. It is random, complex, and frustrating. It can be a life changing thing. Finding the right treatment for you is the challenge.




And yes you described what PsA can do very accurately indeed. And it’s certainly something hard to take on board, get used to, deal with and get on with. But it sure looks like you’re doing a fairly decent job of it this far.

And I’m delighted you seem to getting along OK with mxt too. Remember mxt takes quite a while to start doing anything, 3 to 6 months. So just keep plodding. It’s hard doing so at the beginning of all treatment as it takes such an age to get going.

Three years ago PsA hit me all of a sudden out of nowhere. It rendered me barely able to walk around my house let alone do anything else. I’m now on a biologic and am about to go on a boating holiday where we drive the boat, moor it and generally deal with it. So an ‘active’ holiday for the want of a better word. And I can ‘do’ most of what I want to do presently. So it is possible to get there again, believe me. But it takes time.