Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Another probably lengthy rant from me


SOOOOOOO Miss Cynthia, all of that aside (I remove myself from mental health services as our band width isn’t large enough to make room for MY opinions) how are you with Face Book?


I’m starting to feel more like an “old person” on Facebook… since they change so much so fast… haha but overall I think I can still keep up…


Have I got a deal for you…

Stay tuned!


Facebook is for ‘old’ people though, isn’t it???


Yes you are right… we should all be getting Snapchat and sending eachother funny pictures with dog ears and tongues :joy:


Laughing Cynthia - but I am old, or at least I use FB!


I get those from FB all the time from my kids


They put the pictures on FB but they make them on Snapchat… although there are probably other apps that do the same already…


BF does have twitter, but I suspect we should have snapchat for the youngins Pretty easily added to our new Community FB pages that I am loading this week. BUT what to do with it??? Educate me please…


Haha um I don’t use Snapchat… I only have it to get the pictures my sister makes :smile: I have no idea how you can use it to reach out to people… Instagram maybe… but you need to have content to be able to reach out… not just text like you can do with Twitter… or do you have pictures there too? I’ll go find BF’s Twitter


At this site they group social media sites and social media messaging apps, Snapchat is more like WhatsApp and FB messenger (one on one contract with friends or groups of friends) then like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (follow friends but also companies and other people you don’t know…

I saw you have pictures with the tweets which can be used for Instagram too, but on Instagram most of the message should be in the picture itself (so a nice picture with the logo and maybe some text to invite them to join the community) and then tons of hashtags to make sure people will find the picture when they look up their disease… But it could maybe be just the logo and text on a coloured background too… you’re not looking for pretty pictures when you’re looking for your disease…