Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Anybody else need to vent during this hectic time of year?--I'm getting all jittery--things are piling up!


Big hugs @Grandma_J. If it makes any difference I had a complete meltdown with the nurse changing my leg wound bandage today and walked out of my GP’s surgery with anti-anxiety meds. This time of year throws up all sorts of stuff. Hugs. x


Thank you, Cynthia, Sybil and Poo…I’ll be fine…I’ve always had a really good immune system, so I trust it won’t fail me now! Oh geez, Poo, I don’t blame you for that! That must be so painful! :frowning:


Hi ya Grandma_J, so sorry to hear that your cold has turned into “man 'flu”, any man will tell you, there is nothing worse!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How did your husbands surgery go? Hopefully, well this time!!! And here’s hoping this got it sorted out properly!!!

I know you’ll be fine :smile:, but even so… man 'flu is never something any of us want to be dealing with, add it to this time of year, and… well… it just sucks!!!

Take of you as much as you can!!! xxx


Leg wound isn’t painful as such @Grandma_J, it just is taking ages (as in months) to heal.


Thanks! You know, these things are always worse at night! I’m feeling better today even tho I only had 5 hours of sleep, like usual!!!

My husband had a more complicated surgery than typical, so his surgeon told me! He said he rarely sees all the things that were wrong. He even had to remove parts of two bones near his wrist. He took a piece of a tendon above the wrist to fix the tendon that moves his thumb! I’m sure it’ll be painful for awhile and then the p.t. to follow for several weeks. I was mistaken–it isn’t the Kienbochs disease–that’s in his other hand!

I’m at the dermatologist clinic right now waiting for my complete skin exam…I wonder if they’ll need to do any biopsies? Should be an interesting experience…with all the years I’ve had psoriasis I’ve never had this done before!!! I manicured my toenails and rasped my heals, oh and shaved my legs all the way to the top!!! They’ll still get a good eyeful, though! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi there Grandma_J, sorry I didn’t get to reply to your post earlier… has been a crazy sort of couple of days lol

I’m sorry to hear the surgery on your husband’s hand was a bigger job than anticipated!! I do hope it this time it heals up well!!! Yep, I sure there’s a lot of healing time ahead, and don’t envy either him or you working through that time, but here’s to a good outcome, sooner rather than later!!!

Awww… I read elsewhere that it was a quick once over the dermy gave you… I do hope you got to show off the results of all the effort you put in preparing for the appt :laughing:

All the best to you both!!!


Thanks, janson.
His hand is starting to hurt more today, but that’s to be expected when the local numbing med wears off. I sure do hope this surgery helps. He’s right-handed and it’s not easy losing the use of your dominant hand!
My daughter used to work for a dermatologist and she couldn’t believe the quickie exam–she told me her doctor’s skin exams were at least 20 minutes. It is disappointing–for once I wanted this complete exam and I wanted her to document the extent of my psoriasis. I did learn that my pink scalp, even tho it isn’t itchy and flaking is psoriasis and when my scalp hurts, that’s inflammation and she gave me a topical med (fluocinonide) to put on it when this flares. She also ordered a “tub” of ointment–I didn’t get it yet so IDK what it’s called–for the psoriasis on my leg. Maybe I’ll be lucky and it’ll clear up!!! :relieved:
All that worrying someone’s going to be staring at my naked body and now the disappointment–hehe. Oh well, I guess if something weird erupts on my skin, that’ll be the time to have a thorough examination!


You are right, it’s no fun losing the use of your dominant hand… I too hope the surgery helps him, here’s to a return to full use of it for him in 2018.

I would agree with your daughter about the skin exam… I do hope she didn’t charge whoever is paying for that appt (be it you, insurance, or whoever funded it) a full consultation fee!!! I’ll be she did… and when paying a full fee you, quite rightly, expect a full consult… not a 2 minute brush off.

It’s great that you got some topicals (even if one is still to come), and do hope you find them helpful… but yes… I’d expect documentation of the extent of your psoriasis too… I’ve had this happen with different appt.s in the past (the rush through, brush off), and quite simply it’s not good enough, especially when I read the utter nonsense the specialist concerned wrote in his/her report… that will live on my file, and be taken for gospel by future docs, for the rest of my days. Appalling really!!!

Hmmm… perhaps you could send the dermy an over inflated bill for stripper services… when she asks “what’s this about” you could respond… “well, I got all prepared and ready to strip off and bare all for you, that service costs $xxxxx” and when she says “but you didn’t strip for me”… your reply could be along the lines of “and nor did you examine me, but you are still charging full fee for the appt.” :laughing: Oh, dear… there goes my warped sense of humor :wink: Sorry… I couldn’t help myself :rofl:


:rofl: Seriously!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@janson’s idea is just pure gold - go for it @Grandma_J. You’d bet your bottom dollar that dermy will never not properly examine another patient again and you especially.:rofl: