Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Anyone actually using CBD internally


I have read a few messages by way of search on the subject of CBD oil internally, but no followup. I am using the salve, but friends are suggesting I take it internally. I have got to do something. Any suggestions from someone doing this??



I don’t take it myself and of course I’m in the UK so it’s different but I know lots of people who vape it and say it’s the best way as it (the oil) tastes too horrible. And of course you need to look into the right strengths of its active ingredient for you too. But they swear it works and works well and of course they’re not all high, having the munchies either.



There are always edibles… Just sayin



Hey @tamac. Be careful of where you purchase it from. Hemp cbd isn’t the same as cannabis cbd. Yes same family but not the same. There’s a few websites I’ve looked into for getting cbd tintures, (Maybe misspelled).
You have to register with them and get approval before purchasing anything. Copper mountain Elixirs and marijuana 2go.com and there’s a couple more but I can’t remember right now.
I’ve vaped some cbd oil. It is very relaxing but not really a sedative. However I wasn’t in as much pain as I am now. I was using it to help me quit smoking cigarettes. I was having some success until a coworker complained because she was pregnant and thought the vapor could harm her baby. I tried to explain to them it wouldn’t but the higher ups didn’t listen.
Anyway sorry I don’t know if it will help with pain. If you try it, please update us.

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I am lucky that we live in the country. For several years my wonderful husband has grown cannabis. I have gone through some serious pain issues in my journey with PsA, and there have been periods where all my sleep has been dependent on the cannabutter cookies I make and take before bedtime. (There are numerous recipes online for making the cannabutter. Once made, I simply use it in place of regular shortening. Ginger cookies are particularly good!)
Now that cannabis has been legalized in Canada, though, I won’t get to be the test case for a granny possessing illegal pot!
I’m sure that, in time, edibles - and their potency - will be normalized like alcohol, but, for now, it has taken a while to get the content that works for me. The cookies I make now are considerably smaller than my first efforts!
One before bed, and I sleep a solid 8-9 hours before my PsA signals for attention.



Hi, I’ve been using it a bit. Tried different strengths and brands.
I can’t say it has a lot of effect to e honest. But don’t let that pt you off since everyone responds differently :blush:

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I tried the tincture and it really upset my stomach and gave me horrendous heart burn. I now use a vape if I’m having a really bad day. I have found if I take too much I fall asleep. I prefer the real thing and it gives me a good night’s sleep.

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That’s not CBD. That’s the HTC.



Ok. I’m reading responses and most ppl are taking about cannabis with THC. The CBD oil is legal everywhere and has No THC in it. No tripping out, no sleepiness, no munchies. What it is supposed to do is give you clarity of mind, relieve some pain. They use it for children with seizures and ppl with Parkinson’s. I tried it a long time ago and was hoping for something bigger…more pain relief. However, I do remember it feeling me to have a clear mind. I’m going to go back on it soon and try it when I see a sale on it. I bought Mary’s Nutritionals CBD oil tincture. It has gone down from $120 to $80 but they say only 1 drop 2 or 3 times a day. You can drop it on your hand and lick it off. Easiest way to not get dropper near mouth.



I have a friend who will not stop talking about it. If you did not know him before you would think he is an entirely different person. He is not taking any hydrocodone at all down from 3-4 daily. It has me tempted to try but there is no way to test if it is safe and thus no way to determine if it has chemicals or makeup. His close family is using it. The results are hard to argue with.

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Well, I am going to try taking CBD orally to see what happens. Today my knees and legs hurt so bad my feet are numb. Something has to get better because I do not want to increase the pain meds, but I have to something so I can keep working.

Having been off for a few days around the holidays and taking it easy to see if some rest would make things better, I only got very stiff from not moving. Can’t win.

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Okay, if you give it a go please report back. I may be trying this at some point myself. I hope you get some relief. Hang in there.

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I can’t vouch for it personally but several other ben’s friends communities have mentioned that there’s a facebook group about CBD with excellent info available, might be worth checking out.


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Hey thanks, I will check it out.



CBD didn’t work for me I had to use the and vape it. Where I live eatables are available legally yet. But I have cooked with it and that worked better than vaping. For some reason if I used the vape it amplified my pain in my feet. So I went back to pain management. I say try it because everyone is different and reacts differently to cannibis.

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Thanks for the info. Silverfox. :+1: It makes sense that certain things may work for for some people but not others. I just need to find the one group on facebook that is legit. There are so many it is hard to know what is what. I plan on looking into it once I get down to the brass and tacks of what is within a product. Once I know that I will check it out. If anyone can point to a legit specific website that deals in facts that would be great.

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Trulieve is who I used. Try their website. They give a break down of the products they offer.



Don’t confuse CBD and cannabis. CBD is basically sucking on a rope and is a bunch of folks trying to make a bunch of money selling boiled rope inferring this overpriced hemp oil is something its not. How they get that oil (the processe their ads talk about only effects the price not the oil itself. Its like decaffeinating coffee. Whether it is the direct or Indirect solvent method, CO2 method, or the Swiss Water Method the result is Decaff coffee.

Cannabis actually has some effect. But don’t get fooled you whether its is high yield quick flowering smaller bud Indica, or slow growing low yield Sativa, despite what the seller tells you, the difference is price (or should be) in effect it is only how high you get. (use it at night and it makes no difference. FWIW actual medical research has honed in on the THC havin the most effect… The recognized synthetics used for epilepsy, MS etc being higher THC…

Double blind studies (done by real reasearchers) of CBD have pretty much concluded the effect is placebo. Not a darn thing WRONG with that (I’ll take relief however it comes) unless you spend too much…



Thanks tntlamb. I was looking into it yesterday and it seems that most of the stuff is way overpriced and yes there is a difference between CBD and cannabis. I see that alot of this is a money grab. It would be awesome if someone made something with all of the benefits and non of the side effects. My state is just now starting to sell medical marijuana. Maybe one day I will be able to identify something worth trying.



Well, I am trying an concentrate oil. I have been using it a three times a day at a rate of about 25mls a shot. Some days I think it is working better than others. The only thing I think it has helped is the bursitis in one shoulder. Is it placebo or not? Don;t know, but like tntlamb said, even if it is placebo and it works who cares.

I am going to give it a month then average out what I think it is doing. It will have to be doing wonders for the price.

I let everyone know what I think.