Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Anyone using Kratom for PSA pain?


My ex introduced me to the world of Kratom and i wonder if anyone else that is battling PSA has been using it.
I was diagnosed with PSA 3 years ago and after losing my insurance about 1 1/2 years ago I lost access to the Humeria that was really working wonders in controlling my PSA symptoms.
My ex is using Kratom to control her Fibromyalgia pain and suggested I see if it would work on my joint pain that flu like feeling you get when in a flare. Docs wanted to put me on opiates, I said no way.
Its a wonderful natural plant! If I take it just when the pain gets almost unbearable in less than 30 minutes i feel the result. I can feel a warmth in the joints and then the pain just goes away without any of the opioid side effects.
Has anybody on here tried it? If you did how did it work for you?



Just because something is natural doesn’t make it safe.

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I would be wary of using this plant. As far as I understand it it has traits that should be considered serious. I think it has similar channels like an opioid and it would probably be better for something of that nature to be handled by a licensed professional and approved by the FDA. Plants can be quite dangerous even if they are “natural”. There is no free lunch rule in the medicine world. For instance, mushrooms are natural. However, I do not go eating or picking every mushroom. Some are poisonous and can shut down your organs. My grandma poisoned herself and my mother because she was older and was loosing some of her wits and picked some poison mushrooms. It looked similar and even grew in similar areas. It was natural but it was dangerous.

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So I have discussed this with my rheumatologist and his exact words were: if it’s helping your pain then don’t stop. I have found that after roughly six months of on and off use that I have had zero increase in tolerance to it, I have had no ill effects when I don’t take it and that as long as I buy from a source that uses trees from growers here in the USA that the quality is very high.
Even my PCP agrees that even though much more research needs to be done on kratom his patients that are using it are finally finding pain relief without going to stronger synthetic opiates with the coresponding high prices.



It is good that your doctors know and have issued their judgments. My point is to be careful and the concern arises from the lack of data. I would not feel comfortable referring such a thing without a stamp of approval from a doctor. I cannot argue that it does not help you. Maybe in the future there will be studies done and the knowledge gap becomes less. I hear you on drug prices. I can hardly afford the standard meds for health stuff and when you throw in some specialty or exotic drugs it becomes far worse. Med. prices are outrageous and it bothers me that some of these drug makers have a monopoly on certain drugs and no direct competition for drugs discovered in the 20th century. It is crazy. It is called cornering the market.