Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Best Injection Location


Hey! The more the merrier! :grin:
So, I’m all for doing as little as possible! But …i’m trying to get loaded bcz …i’m in such pain in neck and lower back. Lat week my back spasmed so bad the dr gave me toradol . But I was done with that (5 days max) before my next work day. So I was hoping this would help. As it is, I took it and it is helping my bilat plant fasc. So that’s helpful. :roll_eyes: (kinda sorta) but I always say, the closer your pain is to the head, the harder it is to take. Ps I went thru yes in the pain clinic for “neck pain” and flunked out and thought I needed surgery when in fact, I had PsA! Gotta love them throwing you in the pain clinic with no real diagnosis and then Boom! I should also mention that …i’m on IgG weekly for PID. So …i’m thinking and Hoping that I’ll have some coverage with that.