Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Big Day Today for Tana


Well I thought she was crazy… Tana informed me yesterday she was running in the riverbank 5K. The race was this morning. So lots of training, meaning I bought her new socks. Her PsA is considered very severe complicated by EDS, IBS, and lung involvement. Currently she has one ankle and one knee braced and can hardly make it to the mail box. She was just approved for a mobility scooter in fact.

She not only finished, she had a publishable time 48 minutes.

Grandpa’s buttons are busting!!! Guess we can all be inspired!


Hey Tana! Absolutely awesome! You are an inspiration (and I hardly ever use that word)!

Grandpa … this star is going to have a lot of fans I think, make sure she gets to see the admiration & respect she will undoubtedly receive!

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Wow! Go Tana! I’m so impressed with her. These days I’m not even up for walking that distance, and I think I might keel over after running for five seconds.

That’s just awesome!

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Just love this. What a girl. That’s so brillant on every front. :clap::clap::clap:

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