Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Bump on finger joint


For a little while (maybe a month?) I’ve been noticing a bump on my pointer finger joint 2nd from the tip on the side… it went from was that always there? To maybe the rest of the finger is just less swollen… to today no really it’s a bump!.. I think… Haha

IT doesn’t hurt when I press it… or in moving… mostly… it is one of the joints I taped up before and it definitely is being annoying sometimes… but not enough to actually be inflamed?..

I can’t get it on a picture though… especially if I put the other one next to it… My bf keeps telling me they look the same… But I feel like my fingers don’t fit together snugly anymore…

I’ve been looking on Google for what it could be… ganglion cysts seem more like blisters… But it could be spur? But I can’t imagine it growing this fast? And definitely not without pain… right?

I’m naucious… I do that to myself when my biology science side finds something incredibly interesting and keeps trying to learn more about it… But my other side is so squaemisch… I almost fainted the first time I had an ultrasound of my feet because I didn’t notice how much it bothered me because I was so interested haha


If you are into googling (LOL) look up “heberden’s node”.


I have bumps on my pointer finger end joints and I think it’s osteo. My mom has really big ones on all of her finger joints. Once they stop growing they stop aching. They definitely limit joint mobility but mine at least aren’t usually painful. So ugly, though!


:frowning: I hope it’s something else… or my imagination… Or at least that it will stop soon…


Have exactly the same thing in exactly the same place. Saw my Physio - its real common in PSA - you cant do anything about it - you just ave to put up with it.



I’ve have A Bump On The Inside of My Thumb Joint. Didn’t Hurt in November the last Time I saw Rheumy. Got thru Winter ached here n There. Volteren helped with the Aching, back to Rheumy in June I’ll bring it to her attention so she can make a Note of it. Ha will feel foolish Complaining about one little bump . So relieved to know that someone Else experiences these.:wink: Thank you for sharing This has Brought alot of relief to me


You’re welcome! I feel silly as well… but then i come across a picture of those old reumatoid hands al crooked and i prefer to be silly now before that happens and someone tells me I should have said something sooner… No one even sees mine… so maybe i am being a hypochondriac…


Cynthia, it never hurts to ask. I had what I thought was fungus under my toenails. Dr just kept blowing it off and giving me anti-fungals. Nothing worked. I decided to give it up, not to be silly … after all there were truly sick people in the waiting room, and mine was a silly cosmetic problem. Years later, after joint damage and replacements, they diagnosed PsA and Ps. If I’d been silly and vain and insisted on going to a dermatologist about my toes, I might have been diagnosed at least a decade before I was. I should have been silly.

Last fall, I asked the NP about the flaky thing and the faint pink dot on my nose, even though I felt silly. And you know the rest of that story!


Yeah i get that… problem is that with every one thing that seems silly but isn’t, there’s 99 that are actually silly… (Which are bad odds since I feel like i have like 1000 things wrong… )


That’s true. But the thing is, we aren’t qualified to know. BUT there are people whose job it is to sort out what’s silly and what’s not.

Do I ask the doc about every twitch and spot? Of course not. But I’m doing more of that than I used to.


The sifting and sorting process is a skill I struggle with too. I just keep at it prior to appointments, 'cos if I don’t, nobody will.


Well yes, that’s all you can do. Shift, sort, prioritize and keep your fingers crossed (if they aren’t too stiff and sore).