Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Coeliac disease

I was just wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with coeliac disease? Is it all connected to PsA? Things just seem to be building up and never ending. When will the pain and suffering ever stop?

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I know several people who have developed coeliac disease as well as PsA. It appears auto immune conditions can sometimes cluster. However once diagnosed they manage this really well. Hope you can too.

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We have both in our immediate family, though so far not in the same person. We are still in our 40’s, so we’ll see.

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Oh, Gill, yes it can be overwhelming! I often ask, what next?
It seems that some people have more than one or two autoimmune diseases—many on our forum have lupus or crohns or other disease. It doesn’t seem fair!
My dad had celiac disease. Looking back, I wonder if he had undiagnosed psoriasis, too. He had what we always thought was incurable fungus in his toenails and very dry, flaky skin plus some other weird skin problems. However, he never had inflammatory arthritis—not even OA.
I have digestive problems, but not constant diarrhea like he had. I get super constipated from things like white bread and pasta. I had problems with MSG for several years back in the day, and I would get severe cramps and hershey squirts :poop: from that—doctor called it IBS—it finally stopped several years ago…
Hang in there, Gill…it isn’t easy, but there can be better days. Are you on a biologic? Maybe it’s time for a evaluation of your meds…