Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Cosentyx (A summary of my experience so far)


That’s music to my ears, jen! It’s so good to hear such a positive outcome from a change in biologics!
I always tend to worry if Enbrel stops working for me, nothing else will work, either! But your story gives us hope!


After trying MXT, Humira, Simponi and Enbrel, I just started with my first dose of Cosentyx and MXT together. I am doing the two shot starting dose (300mg) of Cosentyx and 15mg of MXT. Nausea and fatigue, but no injection site issues. It stung going in, but the after stinging feel I felt with Humira and Enbrel was not there thankfully. I am getting a bit frustrated with two years and no improvement. Ive gained so much weight, too! I started some anti-depressants to see if I can get out of this funk. Keeping my fingers crossed it works. Thank you everyone for taking the time to share your experiences. It makes a big difference!


Same here—Enbel’s still great for my PsA, but my elbows, knees and right leg have stubborn psoriasis that has actually gotten worse on my leg below my knee.

I’m presently doing the unthinkable, and that is using the tanning bed to camouflage or even “cure” that psoriasis, and it’s working! I’ve only tanned about 6 times (15 min each) this past two weeks and I didn’t need to put much betamethasone on it!

I only do the tanning bed before vacation. I’m going to Florida in March and I don’t want people staring at my psoriasis.

Scratch, I’m curious—did you stop Enbrel because it wasn’t helping your psoriasis, or did it stop working on your PsA, too?


I have found the information on Cosentyx very interesting. I have been on methotrexate since 2014 (when I was diagnosed with PsA) and Enbrel was added in 2015. I was doing well on the mix until about 2 months ago - my fingers, toes, ankles and wrists all show inflammation and my CRP levels are through the roof. My doctor wants me to switch to Cosentyx. He said it will help my joints as well as my skin (feet and hands have palmoplantar psoriasis). Any advice?


Not really - Cosentyx was really an easy one for me. I was lucky enough to experience limited side effects, the injections were easy enough (similar to Enbrel, take them out to warm to room temp about 20 min before doing the injection). I hope it ends up working better for you than it did me (just wasn’t as effective - I’m currently on Simponi Aria which is an infusion and seems to be giving me some more improvement than I have experienced prior).


I went on Cosentyx three months ago after Enbrel. Doc only waited two months and said it was not working well enough and changed my dosing to once every two weeks. He said as big as I am (6’5" 300 lbs) that I needed more. Seems Cosentyx may be weight based. It have been feeling some what better since changing the dose, but now have to hold off on it because I have bronchitis or the flu.

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Its worked wonders for me, made the difference beeren walking only short distances with a stick and walking with no more problems for long distaneces.

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I’m still feeling great for over a year now on Cosentyx!!! Not a bit of psoriasis anywhere!!! A little joint pain in various joints right before my monthly dose, but only about a 1-3 on the pain scale at that time. I’m crossing my fingers it will keep on working!


That’s is so great to hear, and thank you so match for taking the time to let us know :hugs::hugs::two_hearts::two_hearts:


That is such great news, jenat830!
It’s nice to hear success stories—it gives everyone hope!


Hey, I was on this and my blood did not show markers so as far as the doctor was concerned it was working. I was on it about 9 months.

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It’s been over a year and it’s still working beautifully for me! I keep crossing my fingers that it continues!

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That is great news. I am glad it is working. In what way can you say that it is working? What do you notice or not notice?


It’s working because I have no psoriasis on my body anymore. I rarely have any pain…and if I do it’s because of a weather change or I over did it a few days. But I never have to take any pain meds to handle it. It’s very slight. I’m loving Cosentyx so far!!! 1.5 years on it this week!


Wow, that’s great to hear! Long may it last for you!

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Good news, I am glad it is working.

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Had to stop Cosentyx in November because of inverse psoriasis and rashes/hives. Now, February and the rashes persist. Usually when I have a reaction to a biologic (all so far) and I go off- the side effects stop. I feel that this drug changed something. It never really worked, July to November with slight differences in swelling, very slight. Not much left to try-Stelara is next.


Oh wow! I’m really sorry to hear that. I hope the next one works for you! I have felt the same about other meds, so I understand. So many are just a hit or miss! You just never know! Good luck!


I was taking Cosentyx for about 14 months - up until about 2 months ago. It didn’t help me as much as Enbrel and Cimzia - my best biologic. I also only injected 150 mg and my rheumy never discussed upping the dose despite my complaints that it wasn’t helping much - my fatigue was the worse on Cosentyx. On Feb 6th, I had hip replacement surgery, so I don’t think it was protecting my joints either. However, I believe that everyone’s body is different and what doesn’t work for me can be great for someone else.


Why the h*** would my rheumy prescribe me Cosentyx when my main symptom is fatigue and at least two people on this thread have said it increases fatigue. No wonder I had a horrible 14 -15 months on Cosentyx and barely had a life! Don’t worry, I’ve already fired that rheumy for other reasons.