Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)



Are you in crisis, or maybe even feeling suicidal? Do need someone to listen and to support you right now? Take a deep breath, and find the helpline in your country:



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Global Mental Health Resources Directory

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Thanks, TNT, useful listings.

Having suffered from depression for 25 years prior to the PsA diagnosis I know what these feelings can be like.

My wife and I recently lost a friend from high school to depression.

My suggestion to anyone with a bad case of feeling down is to talk to someone, anyone. Find someone that will listen and let you just talk. If that doesn’t help, please get professional help.

Having suffered from depression for 30 years I know how “well meaning” people can make you feel worse. Don’t listen to the uneducated and opinionated people in in your life. You have a disease, don’t try and hide it. Get professional help for it just like you do for your PsA.


Great feedback Tamac. When my mum asked why I was seeing a psychologist for depression and anxiety, I responded “would you do your own electrical work if a power point was broken?”

There is nothing like real connection with people who understand the disease, and even better if they are trained to help treat it.