Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Dietary Study for PsA


Well the dietary study only found weight loss to be effective. The people doing the study that did not find benefit from non-pharmacological treatments were all in the tank with major Big Pharma companies… Buet we can trust them, right?
i think I will continue with my current diet and supplements, thank you…



I don’t really trust anything Big Pharma says because they aren’t interesting in curing anything. Their first priority is to create patients to use their drugs. They don’t want to cure high blood pressure, they want you to take their blood pressure medication forever. They don’t want you to take 2000IU of fish oil for your painful joints. They want you to take a nice rx NSAID so they can make money.They don’t want you to cut out added sugar or processed food to help your body heal. If you do that there’s no $$$$$ for them.



Are you finding Omega 3 helpful for PsA? I’m working on cutting out sugar.

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I always take Omega 3, but not sure if it helps the PsA. I guess some say it’s beneficial. I know it’s good for a lot of other things, and that’s why I take it. Cutting out sugar will probably make a difference in your inflammation levels! Let us know!



We need to help ourselves and each other and this helps me www.myediblejourney.co.uk along with my meds. I’m still building this website and haven’t got many recipes on there yet but the basic principles are there. :blush:



Hey @Katie909. Thank you so much for sharing your blog/website! That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do! Treat this disease as naturally as possible. I’m going to keep it open in my browser. :grinning:

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The main reason I shared this, so you can see why the doctors ignore diet and supplements. They never qualify and quantify the supplements, Are they good supplements or the chemically derived variety that the body can’t use? What did the diet consist of? If it was anything like the hospital food I had a couple of years ago, I would npt be surprised if the diet killed the control group! It is important to use good quality fish oil, that is independently lab tested, otherwise you may be getting mercury and PCB’s.

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Thank you, I’m very happy to help! We’re all in this together xxx



I use Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Super Triglycerides formula…it’s more expensive than the others, but it does help lower my cholesterol.



That is the same one I use, the best! Great minds think alike…

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Here are the main vitamins I take, I am sure this quality was not used in the study, it was probably “Flintstones chewable’s
”… img host



These vitamins are made from real ingredients, and shipped cold, they are kept in the refrigerator for freshness.

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Hi Everyone, I am new so please bear with me. I am taking a MTH (metabolized) Vit B with B12 because I am always low on B12, the MTH is methabolized and it goes into the blood stream quickly. I can’t take fish oil as I’m allergic to seafood. I could eat as much seafood, as I like as I am married to a professional fisherman. I am very interested in dietary suggestions as I have put on weight and find it hard to shift. I realize that inflammation will cause weight gain.
Thanks so much LeisaT



Hey @LeisaT.
Do you know what in the seafood you are allergic? I’m allergic to iodine. I can eat some seafood but I have to limit it. I have no problem taking the fish oil caps. It alone gives me indigestion but I found a 3,6,9 oil cap that I can take without any problems. Maybe it would work for you too.

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Hello @AngieB

Thanks for your question, I am allergic too every form of seafood. I went to a specialist and he tried me on fish and crustacean and I’m allergic to it all. I can’t even swim in the ocean anymore.

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Hey @LeisaT.
Oh hunny. That sucks!
I have an appointment coming up for an allergy doctor. But I already know I have several allergies so I don’t know what the point of going would be honestly. He may tell me the same thing. :hushed: I noticed that when I go to like Florida, close to the ocean, I’ll start sneezing but it doesn’t last but for a few minutes. Then I seem to be ok.

I’m not sure but there maybe other oil caps made without any fish or shell fish. Have you checked on Amazon or the thrive market?



I am on a self-imposed anti-inflammatory diet based on a book I read and internet browsing. I avoid: artificial and processed foods, peanuts, soy, dairy, eggs, gluten, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, corn, and citrus. I lost weight when I was strictly following this diet without cutting back on amount eaten because I cut out things like cheese, alcohol, etc. Now my dessert is fruit.

This diet has gotten me off NSAIDs and make me feel better overall. I still eat too much natural sugar from fruit, and I have one cup of chai tea in the morning with honey, and occasionally drink alcohol, but overall I stick to it. Really I don’t feel like I am missing out. It is a lifestyle change for sure.

I am relatively young and have many years left to control this thing and want to do all I can to help my quality of life. I take reacted magnesium, curcumin, and glutamine daily. Works for me!

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Hi! Do you recall the name of the book? Thank you!

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Tootles, the book is The Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Action Plans by Dorothy Calimeris and Sondi Bruner. ISBN 978-1-942411-25-3.!It has a lot of great information and recipes.



Is that on Amazon, the ISBN? If not, where can I find it?
Thank you!