Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Dietary Study for PsA


Hi all,

Would it be more beneficial to increase ones gut health (since most of our immune system resides there)?
One very well might end up eating more unrefined and wholesome foods as a result, but the focus is changed more towards balancing the reaction of your immune system. Worth exploration me thinks :slightly_smiling_face:


Please keep in mind that the contents of the supplements are not regulated. You have no way of knowing what you’re actually getting and how much of it you’re getting from bottle to bottle and ever from pill to pill.

Make sure you buy your supplements from a well known manufacturer with a good reputation!



I’m going to start back with omega-3 for the first of year and cut back my sugar about 90%. I am cutting back on the sugar because I need to drop about 50 pounds, but it will be interesting to see if it helps the PsA. Everyone wish me luck because I am a bad sugar addict! I hope dropping the weight and the sugar will help my knees.

Any recommendations on the amount of omega-3 a day?


Good for you, the sugar reduction is major adjustment, but very beneficial. They say that sugar addiction is worse then heroin, so more power to you! The first time I cut back carbs, bread, sugar etc. it took one month to adjust, it was almost like taking LSD, the effect of cutting out sugar!
It is important to take good quality fish oil, I use Nordic Naturals. The Fish oil should be independently tested by a 3rd party lab to insure it’s purity, fish oil can contain contaminants like PCB’s and heavy metals like mercury. When you take a larger quantity , the toxicity also goes up.

I am ready for the new year, I only have 2.5 pounds to lose to get to my target weight of 175 lb. I was 206 lb’s last year at this time. It feels good to lose the weight, helps a lot on the leg pain. My secret is to just eat less food, reducing my caloric intake. I have already improved my diet, just needed to adjust the portions. The main reason for the 175 target, if I go below, they will reduce my Remicade dose! I am up to 7 vials now, equal to a person 225 lbs. They don’t waste the vial, so they round up the calculation, but 170 would take a vial away…


a related topic on low carb diet.


I take 4 a day, of the Nordic Naturals triglyceride form, this was recommended by my Rheumy. I don’t think it does much for PsA, but is good for joint support.


It (Nordic Naturals super triglyceride formula) really does help lower cholesterol and triglycerides. I finally got some cheaper on sale—still more than the former price, but a good deal off the $79.99. Now I take 1 a day with 1 of a cheaper brand. I won’t have my lipids checked until May, but it’ll be interesting to see if my cholesterol went down at all…crossing my fingers!


Best of luck @tamac, I’m of the view that sugar in large quantities really isn’t good for all of us, irrespective of PsA. But it’s everywhere, isn’t it? This is interesting though, if you look up a receipe for apple pie in the USA and then look up a receipe for apple tart (that’s what we tend to call them) in the UK or Ireland, you tend to find a difference in the amount of sugar that’s to be added, your USA receipe tends to be far higher in sugar quantity than the UK or Irish one. And this one will will hopefully make you smile. Whenever I visit one sister (not the other) in the USA at the first morning at breakfast, her partner who is the homemaker (and exceptionally lovely at it too) will have set out a delectable array of things to have for breakfast, but amongst that, will not be just ordinary non-sugared bread that I can just toast for breakfast. Most of it will be various sugary pastries and breads, with lots of sugary fruit type spreads etc. Whereas all I’ll be craving is an ordinary piece of brown bread (which yes might have a smidgeon of sugar in it) to toast and add some butter to it. It’s a cultural thing for sugar, isn’t it? I was brought up not to add sugar to much of anything, including tea and coffee. I’m not a baker or cake maker so don’t use it for that either. So I have to remember to physically buy a bag a sugar in the supermarket for other people’s teas or coffees or else they’ll have none, but I have to do the same with milk too as I don’t drink that or add it to anything much either. But I’m not slim at all either sadly, possibly 'cos I love things like cheese and bread (without sugar on it) too much. So I could also certainly do with losing 50 pounds too. But serious good luck on kicking the sugar and losing the pounds. Fish oils I used to take initially with PsA but ended up dropping it along with the tumeric simply on cost issues. Also a great fresh fish stall opened up in the nearby farm shop so I tend now to eat lots of fresh fish several times a week and sort of think I’m doing OK on the fish oil thing for now at least.


Congratulations! Best choice I ever made, ever since stopped eating any sugar and carbs in october out of desperation for pain and inflammation and returning invalidity dropped about 15 kilos but more importantly after a short while realized the inflammatory pain had gone and medication was efficient once again. I am walking again and pain free thanks to that decision. Please keep us posted, happy new ear everyone


Glad to hear the dropping sugar may help. I put on 40 pounds while on pred for 6 months. It didn’t go away once I got off the pred. First time I quit sugar about 8 years ago I had hypnotist friend get me off of it. I dropped 40 pounds in 9 months and all I did was cut out sugar. I’m hoping for the same this time. May have to go back to my hypnotist friend or make my own tapes.


Over the holidays I ate small portions of foods not on my ant-inflammatory diet and felt horrible! Traditionally my family eats homemade waffles on Christmas morning. I had two with a little pure maple syrup and felt horrible within an hour! Then at dinner had mashed potatoes with a little milk and butter (at least little compared to what my mom and grandmother put in) and a piece of cake for dessert and felt horrible again!

It really shows how significant diet is in helping me control my disease. I gained weight too!! Now I am back on the diet and exercise routine and starting to see results. I stopped exercising because I got shingles in early December. It affected my will to exercise but not my will to eat, lol.

Oh well. Maybe one day I won’t be trying to lose weight at the start of a new year!


LOL @Zinnia I actually LOST weight over the holidays. We had so many sweets and other “Junk” I had little to eat. After a few years of the Keto/lo-carb. anti-inflammatory diet NONE of that stuff looks good to me. My kiddos got me a new toy for Christmas in anticipation of our paach trip this summer… I have been turning out jerky, snack sticks, dried fruit etc like there is no tomorrow. But man do I hear you…


Zinnia … how awful. I’m so sorry to hear this. One of my friends got shingles and it was downright nasty. Hope you’re healed now.

It’s nice in a way to get confirmation that what you normally do (low carb / keto) is good, isn’t it? I, too, feel best when I eat on the low end of the carb scale, but nothing as dramatic as you described.

All the best to you in the new year!



Prednisone was of course the reason for our weight gain, and have read way to fight ensuing carb compulsion is not not eating which fails, but substituting carb and sugar and processed food w protein and low carb veg such as salad in my case ate smoked salmon, tuna in olive oil, mozzarella cheese, olives, when I go out have a tomato juice, in my case alas without vodka, another staple is eating eggs and bacon any time you are hungry, as a meal. Very soon by substituting good fats such as butter ghee and extra virgin olive oil, no trans fats and packaged foods, with eggs meat fish and veg drink bone broth water tea and coffee no sugar if necessary sweetened with monk fruit your insulin spikes will abate you will no longer feel the need to eat every five minutes and your overweight, being a man, will fall off in spite of past steroids. Have a look at dr jason fung s videos on youtube , dr berry, info on dr longo, we could buy the book the obesity code but free material on the web has been sufficient for me so far, have resumed walking and work after the holidays, have dropped dress sizes, feel more mental clarity, less depressive, and above all am able to walk. It works without hypnotism in this way, let us know about your progress, have a nice day


Please don’t take this the wrong way - any of you. BUT hers the thing YES Predi can cause weight gain but not massive weight gain. The majority happens in the first 5 days of use and tapers there after as fluid retention goes away and cortisol levels are titrated by your physician. That being said 12% weight gain can be expected with long(er) term use.

That’s not to say PsA isn’t a cause but the majority of weight gain ) that is not the result of inactivity is found to be related to Depression which is a normal effect of PsA. In fact multiple studies have shown 58% of PsA patients have substantial weight gain due to depression…


So my new Neurologist is putting me on the anti-inflammation diet! No dairy, gluten free, and whatever else it entails. I see a nutricianalist next month. He thinks my neurological problems might be tied to inflammation.

Went to see him for SFN, he thinksit might be inflammation causing it.


You’re a braver person than me but truly I hope it helps you.


Let me know how what the nutritionist says! I really hope you see results like I have. It is not a cure for sure—but it is a piece of the puzzle for me that really does make me feel better. I am not super strict—I do eat some gluten and drink alcohol occasionally. But I feel worse when I do. And I still crave sugar—but not sugar in dairy or baked goods. I haven’t had any ice cream in three years and don’t feel deprived at all. It is a part of the journey for me that helps me live a more full life. Please keep me updated, Jon_sparky!


I caught my shingles early, thank goodness, so it is not as bad as others have it. I still feel it and it has been weeks, but I only had a couple of small patches.


I bought a product called Keto Creamer from “Karma Kafe”, it does have a little grass fed butter, but it is mainly coconut milk solids and MET oil. My main milk use was my daily double latte in the morning, so I thought I can cheat a little and get this…
I have never seen a nutirionalist before, should be interesting. Been on restricted diet since the 90’s, mainly low carb, Meditranian diet, and gluten free for almost 3 years. It makes things worse, that I cannot eat much soy, and I am a vegetarian of sorts, I eat eggs and until yesterday dairy… But always up for a challenge!
Maybe I will be able to help her? :crazy_face:
BTW I have reduced from 196 to 176lbs, I have already seen a dramatic change in my heart rate, resting rate was 85 now 73 bpm. My blood pressure is still jumping around, goes way up, comes way down, this may be part of the condition I have, I may do a tilt table test at some point, except I was told by the neurologist, that my insurance will not pay for it Good ole Blue Shield…