Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Do I need to adjust my expectations?


The fatigue is so horrible. That alone can make you depressed. The Vitamin D at 5000IU helped some but then my GP prescribed Modifinal. It is a stimulant but isn’t “speed”. I still feel tired sometimes, but the brain fog isn’t there and it allows me to acknowledge the tiredness and then get stuff done. I got caught up in expecting my Rheum doc to solve all my problems, when really, your GP can help put some of the pieces together.


Am so glad you all talking about these issues, it is so stressful sometimes in everyday work and general life circumstances to put a bright relaxed front with the disease s monster eating one up inside, crouched like a smirking goblin on your shoulder reminding one of its inexorable , permanent presence. Just wanted to repeat that fasting and a no sugar no starch no gluten diet has reversed my symptoms, please look up autoimmune diets and intermittent fasting for interesting results. Have a nice evening, everyone.


So Rob, how are you doing these days?