Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Does medical Marijuana help with pain and inflammation of PsA? Has anyone tried it?


What about CBD oil like cannadiol? Has anyone tried that? Another PsA sufferer on another page said he put it directly on his hands and found relief. Any experience? I found some online that you ingest and a balm product for topical use. It’s not cheap so I’m hoping someone else has experience with it. I’ve read a lot about CBD being the more valuable anti-pain and anti-inflammatory compound in pot.


Andy said:

I would like to try a pill form. I have a tracheotomy, so smoking would be difficult.

Dini said:

Let it be noted that medical marijuana is not always "smoked" but taken as a vapour with a particular hand held unit that creates the vapour. I have a friend that has a prescription for it for his chronic back pain. I really don't think anything should be ruled out until all the facts are in. It's only meant to be temporary relief. I think many factors on its effects will depend on how and how often it is used. Smoking pot will not get the chemical out that you may need for the relief of inflammation.

That being said, it is still relatively new as treatment and many people including doctors don't know much about it. Docs just don't like to admit that.


You can't smoke eat or absorb enough pot to be as effective as a couple of advil for inflammation. It has been sudied to death. You spend days on the intrnt and not find any actual pot research because the net is so full of 60 year old hippies rationalizing pot use as being mdical not what it really is.

I have a green card and have since day one. (I think mine is number 2) I rarely use it as frankly its to damned expensive. You can get black market for 50% the price of medical grade. There are better medications fo far less money. keep in mind I seldom use narcotics or analgesics as they can make pain worse and I don' t want to go there (again.) Latley I was using patches because for nausea control becase they are more level than the stuff they were giving me at the infusion center. If I do another roind I'll use again. Edibles were too unpredictable. Make no mistake there is nothing "medical" about it. There is not one darn thing wrong with that. As n adult, away from children no effect on anyone else., you have the right to do anything you want. You can choose to some degree the "effect" but that will vary. I have 3 vintages of reislings from the same grapes that have nothing in common. Also you don't need a 300 buck handblown vaporizer if you smoke it. There is a difference, so make sure you deal with a good glass shop.

The mail order creme is crap certainly not worth the price in my experience


I haven't tried it yet, but I probably will soon. I have a friend who does. It is legal here in Seattle. The medical type doesn't have the same effect as the recreational type. My friend gets it in a "butter" to use in cooking. Also uses a tincture. Allergies to anti-inflammatory drugs made this the best option for her.


I use it to manage my pain, especially when I want to go to sleep. My flare ups can be so painful, especially in my feet that even the sheets resting on my toes causes me pain that will keep me awake. I first tried eating cookies but I prefer smoking a puff or two. I now fall asleep relatively quick and sleep well throughout the night. I do worry about the effects of smoking and need to try the vaporizer.


Im, to the point of no return. Lost my bladder, prostate, and pelvic lympnodes! Chems don’t work well with me. Pot is the only thing that helps. The pill form is the best way to take it. Have smoked it for 45 yrs. Lungs are clear. Blood pressure 120 over 80 area all the time. Better than sleeping pills. Better than opioids.