Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Erelzi plus methotrexate



Wednesday 27th June 2018

Appointment with my fab Consultant, Dr Ben at Freeman Hospital #angelindisguise. As usual his excellent care and treatment, coupled with his lovely attitude and caring personality, has resulted in a semi-new treatment regime to try and get on top of this awful disease. He’s as disappointed as I am that so far the treatments, for various reasons, have only worked intermittently before I’ve flared badly again. Lots of trial and error, as with all autoimmune diseases, as each individual person has an immune system that is unique to them, and ‘no size fits all’.

His first priority was using his very cool ultrasound machine that shows up inflammation like flames :fire: and volcanic eruptions :joy:. Both wrists and tendons and joints in hands had pretty red and orange flames and some glowing embers! Very pretty but not what either of us wanted to see unfortunately. Lots of inflammation and therefore pain. Then both my knees - :confounded:. Right knee so bad I’m in agony trying to walk, left knee not so bad as it’s mainly the tendons and ligaments at the back of the knee that are affected. Right knee swollen badly with fluid in and around the joint.

Look away now if you’re squeamish :joy:… nice big needle inserted to drain away a substantial amount of fluid from that knee, sent to lab :microscope: for analysis. Then joy of joys the insertion into the joint of some anaesthetic followed by steroid to kill the inflammation and swelling. Last one I had in that joint was in August 2017 and it lasted until two weeks ago! Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: it works that long again.

Then the discussion around drug therapy. The new biologic Erelzi hasn’t had time to get working so I’m continuing with that. Again, fingers crossed that it kicks in fast. In addition I’m going back to ‘my old friend’ Methotrexate ( or ‘the meth’ as my youngest sister likes to call it :joy:). You may remember I was taken off it in January this year to clear it from my system before entering the-clinical-trial-that-never-happened … and because it wasn’t working as well as before and my hair was falling out! Nice! This time a smaller dose, so hopefully not as many side effects, but enough to give the Erelzi a boost. Double whammy! It worked on its own very well for a few months so no reason to think it won’t help. Dr Ben explained that in essence it hadn’t really stopped working as a drug, but that my disease activity had changed and become more aggressive. Traitorous body! :joy:

So for now I’m hoping and praying :pray: that all these combinations will have the desired affect and I can once more get on with my life with little pain and more mobility.

Today, Thursday 28th June Update
ITS WORKING ALREADY celebrate :tada:!!