Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Ever wondered about the price of your biologic?


The New York Times has an interesting article about patents, pricing and biosimilars of Enbrel and Humira.


I understand that by taking Remicade, I probably won’t be able to take a biosimilar due to antibodies produced by the Remicade. My doctor is giving me Methotrexate to help with the antibody production. My Medicare (retirement age) only pays fully for Remicade (first infusion-23,000 dollars), and the others are covered by Plan D leaving the patient with still, a 5000.00 dollar yearly bill and increased cost for their Plan D.


I am on remicade too. I get charged 20k a treatment. I’m so blessed to have insurance. I only pay 200 out of pocket. Still a lot for a college kid. When I first saw the bill after my first treatment I called thinking they overcharged me. Nope. :sob:


Thanks Seenie for sharing this article. You might be interested to know that in Australia the Trans pacific Partnership with the US, Aust, and other countries has been a battleground around biologics. Basically Aust has refused to allow more than five years exclusive rights for a biologic. ie the Aust gov wants biosimilars to be able to enter the market after five years, not seven or more. The agreement has not been signed because the US and Aust both refuse to move.


good article. it seems biosimilars are in the future. thank goodness for strict governmental control.