Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Fanciful islands


We are making artificial islands in our pond, to help with the ecosystem, the plants clean the water, and also afford a place for birds and frogs to hang out.




Very peaceful…good for the body and soul!


There’s something so magical about water and wildlife. I find it grounding and calming. whenever things get a bit tough I like to get outside and in to nature. Your pond work is beautiful- and your pond looks four times the size of my entire property! I have a tiny pond with plants and goldfish but even that is a relaxing haven after work. :fish:


Well, I live on a 100 acres…


There is nothing better than being amongst trees and water to include the sea. Just nothing.


Yes, love the great outdoors, just can’t go out in them… I wait until evening when the sun is not intense.