Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)



I am constantly exhausted! Not sleepy…no energy at all. Any suggestions on how to fix or deal with this problem???


Yup, we hear you, Shelley, and welcome to our PsA club house! It’s great that you found us (but a bummer that you’re a member of our clan too).

The fatigue. Yes. I remember. I won’t ever forget. I recall sitting at my desk after school and wondering how on earth I was going to get up, and out to my car to go home. It’s really awful, isn’t it?

Mine melted like snow in the sun when I finally got aggressive therapy, that is to say, a biologic. But I see that you’re already on Humira. I would suggest asking your rheumatologist. I’m assuming you are already eating well and exercising judiciously and getting enough night rest.

Hey, have you seen our Newbies’ Guide? I think there’s something in there about fatigue as well.

We’re glad that you’re here, Shelley


I see from your profile that you are a teacher. I would imagine this might, at the very least, have something to do with the fatigue! However I know all too well that PsA can have A LOT to do with it.

If you are still teaching, I doubt you have much time to yourself. However, I’d urge you to find time for exercise if that is not happening already. Counter-intuitively, exercise can help with fatigue. But that sounds a bit limp, I’d go as far as to say that regular exercise is sometimes amazing at countering fatigue. It does not have to be extreme, but regular is important. And results don’t necessarily come along immediately.

I know you’re on Humira but are you taking a traditional DMARD to prop it up? When my fatigue was worsening my rheumy increased the dose of Mtx I take to 20 mgs weekly.


please see my post under complementary therapies titled “A cure for fatigue, seriously.”