Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Favorite Health tracking app?


Hi everyone,
Don’t know if this is the right spot for this or not, but I’m wondering what app everyone uses to track symptoms and/or conditions.
I have multiple conditions and am looking for a phone app, android, that I can track symptoms and medications for all of them.
Thanks in advance!



Hi @Zananne
I use an app called TracknShare.
The good thing about it is that it can be completely customised for whatever you want to track. So, unnecessary questions or bits to fill in. I have it for iPhone, but I’m sure its also available for Android



Great question! Haven’t yet found one that tracks everything. I’ve recently started using Moodpath for anxiety and depression. The app prompts you three times a day to answer questions and choose feelings you’re dealing from a list. After a few days the app starts to reveal patterns to you. And you can dive in deeper to the data to find your own patterns. Would love something similar to track symptoms, pain levels, etc. for many types of conditions, not just mental well being.

I also use Clue for my monthly cycle, symptoms, and related mood. Also quite a good app.