Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Feb 1, 2016


I missed documenting december and Jan. My neice passed away in Dec and my Father just passed away. I was caring for him in my home when he passed. So stress level is super high and I am wondering what is next!

I had to retire from work as my hand still does not have any feeling in it and does not want to function well. The blisters have faded but I have severe nerve damage from my shoulder to the tips of my fingers.The only thing I have found out is that it is an immune disease that caused that....so I guess it was the psoriasis.

I hope things are on the up swing now....Hope everyone here is doing well too, and had good holidays.


Moxie, I’m so sorry that you’ve had so many losses: deaths of loved ones, a premature retirement, and more crap from this disease. I hope you will be able to grieve, and with time, move on.

Thanks for posting so that we know where you are emotionally. If winter comes can spring be far behind?

Sending you big hugs and warm wishes