Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Feeling depressed and unsupported


We’re here for you! I feel the same—more appointments you don’t have time for, and copays, etc., and finding someone you feel comfortable with…I prefer coming here.
I realize if you’re feeling desperate you need to get immediate help from a professional. I hope you’re ok now!


@HumbleListener, hi! Very sorry to hear things are so difficult right now. I do agree with Stoney, more effective disease control might well help with your mental health.

Very often, members who are having difficulty getting effective treatment find that consistent support here helps a lot - we can be a sounding board, provide suggestions and share experience and that can help with the extra ‘oomph’ required to get things moving. I was one such member a few years back.

And clearly you are at a very low ebb at the moment. Why not start a new discussion of your own? You could copy and paste your post from this one, or change / add to it. That way, we can all give you our full attention rather than interlacing responses with replies to Hannah.



Hello new here… I’ve been only dealing with this for less than a year… so not sure how it’s going to be further into it as we are still trying to balance out the meds. Curently Sulfs,Meloxicam, Plaqunel. Which is working ok right now. Actually the best I have felt since it’s started.

But will say this I am not as active as I was 1.5 yrs ago as I am limited because it’s mostley my hands and wrist. Thing is I keep waiting to see what else happens or worsens. Starting to learn that it never goes completely pain free or no stiffness. I can’t remember last time my hands haven’t hurt. But I still keep moving and doing whatever I can because I am stubborn and won’t let it beat me. That’s what works for me. I just get pissed off and keep going and deal with the aftermath of pain sometimes.


Thanks @Jen75 this echos to me that I am in tears reading this!
I didn’t mean to sound short or anything like that on my response. I know words aren’t expressed the same in person/spoke language versus writing/typing in the computer. and I truly appreciate this forum and everyone taking the time to read my posts/replies even if it’s repetitive and probably boring as you all have heard it before or have actually experienced it before. I just know I have to get it out of me! My frustrations and not having anybody in living close to me who understands my condition and my limits is hard.
I have a cousin who I used to confide in a lot but she’s pregnant for the first time (she’s turning 40 and having her first child) so I have stopped pouring out my problems to her to avoid stressing her out during her pregnancy. Hence I had to turn to going back to writing/posting here as my outlet.

I see different doctors as well: primary MD, Rheumatologist, Urologist, Dermatologists and Pain MD. So having to juggle all my current/upcoming doctors appointments is already a full time job itself plus working as a RN full time and a mom/wife full time is a never-ending task!


Hi @Bobs1973 and welcome ! sorry you have pain all the time to your hands. But glad to know you have found meds that are working for you right now.

I do not have PsA to my hands YET but I do have it in my left elbow and when it is so bad I can’t use my left hand efficiently. Which is really hard as I am a nurse and needs both hands to work ! ( heck I need more then my 2 hands sometimes!)

And I am with you in pushing through the pain and continuing to do what we need to do daily despite the pain and stiffness. But it helps when we have people in this group that understands us—which is why I came back after 4yrs of silence.


Thank you. I truly am glad I Came back to this group!

I will be able to vent my feelings and hopefully get less stressed out and have lesser symptoms while I wait for Enbrel to get started.


Thanks! I appreciate you ALL!

P.S. I will ask my Rheumatologist tomorrow about my Prednisone again as I looked back and realized I have started on It Dec 26, 2017. So it has been over 2 months of steroids. And will also ask about a psychologist referral!


@HumbleListener sorry about your diagnosis. I hope you get a good Rheumatologist that will get you started on treatments you need sooner than later.

Share your feelings here. Start a new thread or continue it here. I don’t mind. All I know is it’s better to share it and let it out here than bottled up inside you.
Isolate yourself if you don’t feel like socializing. But don’t do it for others—do it for yourself.

We are all here for you if you need them vent—morning or night or somewhere in between.


The thing is Hannah, the ‘talking therapy’ helped me find better ways of helping myself. It helped me ask others for the help I needed in a way that made it all happen so much better for all involved. That second bit was a total revelation for me. And most of all it taught me how to live with this disease as this disease isn’t going anywhere, for me at any rate, the meds help control it but I still have to live with it. So with the talking therapy and most definitely getting off the steroids, life finally became so much easier frankly. That has allowed me to keep my full time job which requires me to write reasoned and fair decisions on consumers’ complaints about financial products which are


binding on those financial institutions. It was and still is the very best investment I’ve made in myself.

There’s a huge sort of grieving process to go through with this disease, not just for you but for others close to you. And it’s hard, it’s sad and so very frustrating. But once you sort of get through that, things become so much more positive.

Sorry for the two posts I hit reply too soon.


Hi Hannah,

Must be hard not feeling like you don’t have that support system from your cousin at the moment! I’m glad you are getting some here - and great to hear you are looking at a referral for a psychologist. I know it adds to an already big list, (I just had to give my whole medical history for the third time in three days - I can do it in under 15 mins now), but, as the saying goes, always fit your own oxygen mask first. Look after yourself :grinning: