Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Foot swelling - not just sausage toes


I’ve always been a “statins are evil” person, and I do think they are overprescribed. But have read some more regarding statin therapy and the research shows that, for people with arterial plaque, statins are a benefit. So I will keep an open mind. The aspirin actually makes me more nervous as I have Crohn’s disease, and any blood thinner can wreak havoc. Hopefully if I combine with food in the evening it will minimize the impact. Very glad you’re off the walker! Hoping to follow suit soon!


Oh gosh. I persistently forget asprin can be such an issue for lots of people. And I think like you statins are over prescribed. I so hope it all goes ok for you. x


This is one of the times statins make sense. The numbers if you will are excellent in reduction of future incidents. The next one could be a stroke. I’m wondering if one of the new Factor XA inhibitors (Xarelto etc) wouldn’t make more sense given your crohns?

Glad you got some answers…