Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Good doc in carroll county md carroll arthritis


I have been suffering with PA for 15 years for the past 8 I have received my treatment and care from Robert Shaw Md who has his practice in Westminster. He is caring compassionate and forward thinking in patient care. He has placed himself amongst my other doctors as team player. He will not give up on you and take the time to treat you as member in your own cure not a helpless victim. I am senoir member of Johns Hopkins university and the finest in research and clinical medicine lies at my door but I strand true with those who stood true with me. I can not thank him or his staff enough . When this doctor tells you he is here to help he helps..now if I could just get him to put a Tv in the infusion suite..I see you every 4 weeks doc even I run out of things to talk about:) I love you Carroll Arthritis


I am so glad you posted this. I fired my Rheumatologist today and Have been trying to figure out what to do next. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Any luck grumpy


I tried out another doc in my same practice, but it isn’t working out well. I want holistic care and no one seems to want to provide it. I’m making an appt with Dr. Shaw on Monday. It’s a little far for me, but if he is able to provide holistic care, it will be worth it.


good luck kitty cat. he is a great guy and please mentioned that his hopkins gardner refered you. have you tried aquatic therapy i have doing it for a month now and it has helped with relieving my major symptoms. are you r on remicade? i have been on medical leave since feb and have had two infusions coupled with aquatic therapy...it has slowly but surely put me back on track. this flare has been the worst in 15 years and doc got me back. i get infused evry 4 weeks and doc and pt/aqua got me right. spring i hope has returned and soon i will e on my seasonal upswing winter is worst time for me. now i am fighting to erp my job..they think i am unfit for postion..they dont understand swings of PA. but like macarthur i shall return. good luck and enjoy the good days and understand the bad ones. take a walk and welcome the spring flowers. - mark


Thanks soooo much for recommending Dr. Shaw! I saw him a week ago and he was great. He's actually addressing my fatigue issue, asked me lots of questions, LISTENED to me and is running lots of tests. He even told me to call him if I had an new symptoms before my next appointment in 4 weeks! Unbelievable. (his staff is also extremely friendly and pleasant).


No problem love Doc and all he has done for me. The Ladies in the infusion suite are top notch and super helpful. Well you have hit the road to Wellville with all four tires- good luck and go out a talk a walk see some flowers.


Hey, Gardner! Thanks so much for the great doc! I had my new patient appointment this week and I am so happy that I finally took the leap. Dr. Shaw was great. He actually listened to me and didn’t make me feel like a crazy person. He spoke to me like a human being and with respect. He answered my questions. I will be honest, at this point I am definitely gun-shy. I have had horrible encounters with Rheumatologists and I am tired of being treated like a hypochondriac. I was terrified of having an even worse experience than I have already had. That is why it took me so long to make an appointment. I am so glad I did. Hopefully, I am on a road to discovering what is actually going on with my body and maybe even treating it. I have a huge Internet (((((hug)))) for you. Thanks a million!


you are welcome Kitty Kat...every war is won by arraying your armies and finding your generals...good luck and stay postive. Remember be good do good and take time with the simple things :)