Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Good News and Bad news on my front


Good News! Despite my insistance I was run over by a truck, and and ER visit for Uveitis and treatment the ophthalmologist said wasn’t working but should be The Docs were right!!! The bad news though I wasn’t hit by a truck and the WBC in my eyes were not uveitis, It IS Influenze A. The greedy Bastards won’t even give me credit for the flu vaccine (that clearly didn’t work despite a quad dose) and apply it to the Tama-flu (which also prolly won’t work as I am out of if not close to being out of the “magic window”

Be careful out there folks be very careful…


Ugh, influenza A really does feel like you’ve been run over by a truck - really take care of yourself to make sure you don’t get any complications.

And that means not going back to a full days work too early young man! When I tried to go back for a full day of work after 7 days when I got it a few years ago, I ended up in ER with severe breathing difficulties, whole body spasms, and a 39.7C temp. Luckily I didn’t have an infection - it was just my body literally revolting against what I’d asked it to do. Of course then it was another 4 days not being able to get out of bed.

“Jerry”, on the other hand, took it easy and started with just an hour of work from home after the week of resting, slowly increasing it as things went ok.

Be smart, don’t be like me, be like “Jerry”.


That sucks. I haven’t had the flu for many many years. Last time I was in my twenties and that was rough. I can only imagine how much worse it would be now. We all get flu shots every year to try and avoid it.


I work in a pharm… tamiflu ONLY works if it’s taken with 24 hours of exposure.

This is via FDA studies and manufacturer info, it’s not insco rules or anything like that. If you’re outside the magic window of 24 hours it simply won’t do a thing for you.



Well what are you doing here then, trying to infect all of us?

Seriously, Lamb, go to bed and get better.


Tamiflu is now used a bit differently for folks with compromised immune systems (ie like those on biological or DMARD meds for PsA.) Dosing is different as well. The problem with influenzaA in particular is the secondary infection (round 2) as it were. That happens about seven days after the initial symptoms. That’s the important window. I’m close on that one… tama-flu helps with that one. A seven course is all used for immune compromised folks who have been exposed th the flu so we should always contact our doc asap if exposed…


Sounds just awful. Go to bed and please get better soon.


How can we be careful when we’re with college kids and younger grandkids every day! I try, I really do!
Scary stuff, @tntlamb, I hope the tamiflu works to prevent that “second round”.


Part of the answer is to ensure that everyone gets their flu vaccines. That plus is routine hand washing.