Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Hi to all from Ireland :-))


Hi All,

I’m a bit new to this kind of thing, but I started to notice that it’s very hard to talk to the people you know about what’s going on with your body if you have any chronic illness. one doesn’t want to bore people when they ask how thing are going. Also, a lot of people don’t understand that it doesn’t go away… It will never go away, you just have to manage it as best you can
so, I think talking to people who, like me, deal with it every day, would be more valuable in the form of support, both giving and receiving :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcomes sbender! That’s one of the things I love about this forum, people just ‘get it’. No matter how loving and supportive family and friends are, it is very hard for them to understand if they’ve had no experience with chronic disease. And if they are not supportive, then the support from here is such a relief!

I see you make artisan cheese :grin: we have quite a few cheese lovers here, which sparked off a big discussion about the NHS advice on biologics and soft cheese - was that something you went through too?


Hello you,

I’m Irish too but have lived in the UK for eons. And I just had to burst out laughing when I read @Jen75 reply to you because that was me and truly I really love cheese and was most put out about the issues of cheese and biologics. So I ignored all the advice on it as life without cheese of a certain delicacy truly isn’t worth living.

Anyway welcome.:laughing:


That sure was you @Poo_therapy. So glad they missed that bit in the Australian literature :joy::joy:


Hi Jen,

Thanks for dropping me a line.

I never heard of that advice at all!

Anyway. It’s a bit of an over reaction to be honest. It’s not that these cheeses are riddled with Listeria. As a matter of fact, most of the recalls have been hard cheeses where the packaging contractor was at fault for not cleaning the lines properly!

As regards raw milk cheese, any one of them aged 6 months or older are completely safe to eat!

So, happy cheese eating!!




An over the top reaction!! :-))

Happy continuation of eating the delicacy that is cheese!!



I totally agree - and the last few outbreaks of listeria here have been, of all things, rockmelon and salad sandwiches :open_mouth:


Welcome! This is a very welcoming community and it is a good place to share your problems, concerns and victories. I have found support here for issues I had no one else to talk to. Feel free to share, we are all here for and with you :blue_heart:


My thoughts precisely @sbender. That’s why I started a thread about it when from the hospital with all my bumpf about starting a biologic was the ‘what to not eat’ list and on that was cheese, all sorts of cheese other than basic cheedar it seemed. Blue cheese, soft cheese, farmer’s market type cheeses, raw milk cheeses, all of which I eat regularly and happily and have done always. And was not about to stop eating either.

I love you make cheese. I’ve always daydreamed about making cheese but sadly not got any nearer than that.

And @Jen75 wasn’ packaged strawberries involved too, or was that about pins in such strrawberries?


Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh that was the pins. Then they started popping up in cucumbers and bananas - copycats. A real pain in the proverbial.

We find commercial strawberries are not ripe enough, so I only ever buy them when both they and blueberries are in high season, to make into a kind of dessert syrup for ice cream and chocolate cake. Delicious, and no pin risk!


What’s all this about pins??? On second thoughts, I’m happy in my ignorance.

Welcome sbender! It’s a real shame that Humira’s not helping and the jury’s out as yet on Stelara. Has your rheumy got any other ideas in the pipeline?


Welcome from just across the water on the West Wales Coast.


Hi sbender, welcome. I’m from the north. I hope you find this site as useful as I have as everyone has been terrifically supportive and willing to share their experiences.



Yes, I have to say a very welcoming bunch! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, and welcome, sbender!

Yes, we’re all in the same boat and, hopefully it’s not a sinking ship! Sometimes it feels like that, but there can be good days, too! Hopefully, you (and all of us) will have many of them in the future!

You can get lots of answers here, and we all appreciate your input, too!

Welcome from chilly Minnesota! Happy Halloween!


Hey there and Welcome.
I guess if we are all completely honest then none of us would fully understand chronic illnrsss if we didn’t have one. I know I didn’t before my diagnosis. So I’m not to hard on others because you can’t appreciate it unless you have been there. Don’t expect that from other people, that’s why you joined this forum