Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Horrid back pain turns out to be

Three ‘mild’ compression fractures in my lumbar spine. Life long asthma sufferer, so obviously had bouts of steroids at 60mgs etc for short bursts throughout my life, although the asthma is really well controlled now for at least a decade or so. Obviously too was also given steroids at the start of my PsA journey three years ago too.

But just ‘poo’. This little extra ‘gift’ has knocked me for six emotionally really. I truly didn’t think my future would look like this. I really don’t want my future to look like this either.

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I’m sorry. That is definitely not the surprise that anybody wants. Do you have a treatment plan already?


Thanks @Stoney. Treatment plan is being sorted out presently. Will know all next week. It will feel better doing something positive about it.


Absolutely! Having a treatment plan gives a better sense of control.


Exactly, totally understand that feeling.

Okay, you are going to be feeling really wobbly for a while … but ‘treatment plan’ sounds good. ‘Mild’ sounds good … what are the implications of mild compression fractures?

Oh I really hope that when the dust settles the picture looks much better than it feels right now.

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Thanks @Sybil. I don’t really know yet what the ‘mild’ bits mean. Our respective rheumatologist who phoned me this morning (on a day’s leave - she is really special and especially nice and kind) will consult with her colleagues on Monday on the basis of the x-ray results I’ve just posted to her. I truly hope ‘mild’ means mild. But it goes a long way to explaining why I ended up with spontaneous stress pelvic fractures 2 years ago (despite the Dexa scan showing very mild osteopenia in my neck only - not my pelvis) and it obviously explains why this horrid back pain came from nowhere too.

Most of my pain is all referred. My spine actually feels fine. Most of it sits on the back of both hips in a permanent spasm which is so wearing. But it is easing and oddly the steroids which I’ve got to come off of yet again help that. I’m abit worried when I end up with no steroids yet again the pain levels will again increase significantly. I don’t want to go through the pain levels I suffered last weekend ever again.

I think this all started in mid April, got worse on holiday and here we are. I doubt all three went at the same time, probably one at a time.

And yes I feel wobbly. I really wish my mother was still alive, I could just do with one of her hugs presently and some of her good sense and her giggles. Such is life I guess.

However treatment has come a long way these days (rather like PsA) so I am hopeful I won’t spend every second year or more suffering a fracture of something or other.


Oh Poo, I am so so sorry, this is totally and utterly poo. But I like that our favourite rheumy is on it so that bodes well for appropriate treatment as well as extra vigilance in the future. In the meantime it sounds like another storm in which you need to keep your boat afloat … you’ve done it before and you can do it again now.

I know exactly how you feel about wanting a hug from your mum, someone else to take the responsibility for a moment and make it all ok. It’s ok to miss that and want it now … just go deep inside and find that feeling you had as a kiddo when you skinned your knee or fell off your bike and she kissed it better. That memory and “feel better” is still inside you, I promise. Just look.

And I know it’s hard, but the practical side of me says “at least you know why you have the pain”. There is a reason so no possible excuse for platitudes for the pain you’ve been in. That is good, no fobbing off.

Do whatever you need to do to get through the weekend as comfortably as possible knowing that help is on it’s way Monday.


Poo, do feel for you, asthma sufferer also and steroids a go go also for cancer as well as psa for long periods. My femur broke in sep probably thanks to this, at the moment trying to lose all the weight I can to help prevent future breaks, but of course it s just a self delusion to feel psychologically in control. Guess hubris is an issue. Sending you virtual solidarity hugs, please take care and spoil yourself anyway you can. Regards


Some pain just can’t be fought through. It wins. I’ve had 3 severely herniated lower discs. Standing was excruciating to the point of passing out and then pain waking me up on the ground. So many nerves in the spinal column. It was slow but I have recovered as the discs have receded off of the nerves. Look at time as a potential healer rather than a life sentence. Only accept the worst case scenario when it is a reality…not before. Speculation of any sort cripples hope and hope is essential. I hope that didnt sound any less genuine than I meant it.


Thanks all of you. What just lovely messages of support. Defintely getting that warm feeling of lots of cyber hugs and they help so much.

And this morning (despite drinking too much wine last night - on no real meds presently since the biologic has anyway stopped working too and waiting for the next one) I feel an awful lot better both emotionally and physically. Rheumy told me to take paracetemol with tramadol. And gosh what a difference that makes. Why didn’t anyone tell me to do that before??? So simple but incredibly effective.

The sun is also shining this morning, the birds are chirpping madly and thankfully throughout all of this, walking eases things, (it’s sitting that’s been unbelievably painful) so today me and my beautiful mad gorgeous labrador dog will do some walking. That’s always good for the soul and ensures a positive mind set with lots of smiles at the antics of my dog. He truly is a darling and so mindful of me presently too.

Oh goodness Poo! I’m so pleased to hear the world is looking more positive this morning, and you really are remarkably resilient, even if it may not feel that way to you right now.

Everyone else has pretty much said all the wise stuff, so very gentle virtual hugs :hugs:


Thanks @Jen75. I doubt I’m that resilient really but I try really hard to live like my dog does. In the moment. It can certainly make bad days better. And what can I do too? Except get on with it. There’s little magic that puts strength back into bones at my age. However the magic of adding paracetemol to tramadol certainly made yesterday a much better day. We went orchid hunting yesterday evening for those ‘field’ orchids the UK is so proud of and found loads. I’ll try and upload some pictures. Very special little things altogether. And an easy but necessary walk for me. Following by a pint in a pub. Just the one this time. So all in all yesterday was a pretty good day. That will do for now.


So glad I could read through to a happier update! Sending you one of my mom-hugs! I always tell my kids that their hugs are my happy place, that feeling of being wrapped in such reassuring comfort is the best adjunct therapy. Hope you are continuing to feel some ease and enjoying the orchids and wine!

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Amazingly I am continuing to do better. Thank you for the Mom hug too. All hugs are always just as you say - the best therapy.