Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

How are ya, Molliedoodles from Ireland



Pleased to meet you - and also to welcome you to the wonderful community of Living With PsA! I too find that my sense of humour is something that often helps me (and others haha) get through difficult and stressful times, so I hope your remains easy to locate. Sounds like you’ve been a overwhelmed with how your symptoms have progressed, but I hope that you will continue to have your treatment plan become more effective and manageable. In the meantime, being a part of our great patient support network can also do wonders for making our members feel better and helping get their minds off the negative stuff.

So feel free to start posting in these forums so you can get acquainted with everyone - and check out the “How To Use This Site” tab if you’d first like some beginner tips.

Best of luck mate - and let me know if you have any further questions or concerns!


Hi, I am Molliedoodles from Ireland and I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis (finally !!!) six months ago. I am now on the frustrating journey to find a med(s) to work for me. The rate that the pain moves from one joint to another is scary and curious to me. I haven’t read of anyone mentioning that? My rheumy is like a robot, not examining me and not speaking to me. He is more interested in my notes and his computer. When I voiced my concern about losing use of my joints, he left the room, came back with a leaflet and gave it to me. Again in silence! I am on a limited budget and on state help for health so maybe that is a factor. The health service here is like a postcode lottery and is certainly not working in the patient’s favour. It is very frustrating. I had spent 2 yrs trying to get my prior GP to listen to me and so have disfigured joints. She told me it was wear and tear but I think I know my body better that anyone else. I am so glad that I took things in my own hands and changed doctors. I am presently trying to get curcumin phytosomes within my budget. Dr. Hyman has them on his website but they are very expensive. Does any one know of an alternative that is also highly bioavailable? Very long post here, sorry. Hi to all you brave souls and I’m honored to be in your company. Thank you.


Hi Molliedoodles, and welcome to this very interesting group! Boy, I hope the robot doctor gets more talkative when he gets to know you better. Talk about awkward, huh?

About the curcumin phytosomes. I’m not sure what that is—is it the curcumin in capsule form for inflammation? Have you checked the “Complementary Therapies” category? I know curcumin has been discussed here.

Well, at least you’re on the right track—now just to figure out how you can get that doc to come out of his shell!