Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Humira and muscle spasms


Hi all, I started humira 7 weeks ago and have now had three doses (fortnightly). The results have been great, all my swollen joints have either significantly improved or gone altogether. However in the last week I have starting getting these terrible pains in the musculoskeletal across my shoulders and the base of my neck/ top of my back. They are like electric shocks and at certain times of the day can be agony. From what I can google, muscle spasms are a less common side effect of humira but also a part of PsA anyway (although if it is PsA then this is a new symptom for me).
Does anyone have an experience of this or anything similar? I really don’t want to stop the humira but I don’t think I can tolerate these spasms for very long.
Thanks everyone :grinning: