Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Hurting Hips!


Gosh I feel lucky my hips haven’t been affected. I remember they used to be a little stiff, but nothing like so many of you explain, and that stopped when I started Enbrel. It must have been a little inflammation. I’ve never had serious pain in my knees, either. Except for lately, they’ve had some weird twinges here and there and I’ve been wondering if something is going haywire in them.
I’m crossing my fingers and praying my hips hold out. My mom (93) hasn’t had hip surgery yet, but she doesn’t have PsA, either.


Same here.


Sometimes the pain is due to a mechanical shift in your walking because of pain in feet or knees. That can cause bursitis or just plain pain. But I have experienced flares with hip and lower back pain as well.


Hello there!

This is quite an old thread, maybe the OP @BriansGirl will reply though … wonder how she’s doing.

My hips still hurt and I now reckon it’s due to a bit of PsA damage or primary OA or secondary OA. That’s just from the way it feels. It’s bearable.

I think you’re right though, as previously discussed in this thread painful joints have knock-on effects on other joints. I’ve been trying not to waddle … I hate that side to side motion I slip into because of hip pain and I’m sure that in itself cannot be good for the spine etc.


I have just had a bit of time to look back and see if I could find some answers about just feeling blah. Came across this old post and figured it could hurt to respond. It is nice to see that you are not the only one, especially when your doc says that it is probably just fibo in addition to PSA. Joy. I don’t care what it is, just fix it!

For me, if my feet hurt because of the PsA, then my hip will hurt soon because I walk funny and then I will need a steroid injection.

Thanks for responding. Like I said, knowing we are not alone is what gets me through some days.


Have you found any? I have not felt blah for some time now. And that is a miracle as I thought I was doomed to regular blah-ness. You most certainly are not alone. I’m pretty sure almost everyone on this forum will know exactly what you’re talking about when you mention feeling blah.

All I can say is look after yourself, exercise as much as possible, get the best possible treatment for PsA … I guess that is the recipe for relief from most PsA symptoms. But I know that feeling blah (and fatigue too) can slip through the net and persist.


Thank you. I am just back to walking regularly. I had fallen and bruised some ribs and hurt my hand horribly. Just what I needed - more pain! Exercise is a good thing and talking about stuff among like feeling others definitely helps. If you are in the US, hope you have a happy Thanksgiving. If you are elsewhere - have a good weekend!


Happy Thanksgiving to you Aldb.

Glad you’re back on your feet, no wonder you’ve been feeling grotty though. (‘Grotty’ = ‘blah’, I’m in the UK).


Wow Allan, what a mean s.o.b. this disease is. How did they discover that?


Presenting suffering bilateral hip bursitis for nearly 3 months now. Certainly it’s tendonitis and most certainly it’s PsA related. So wish being on biologics meant little progression of this disease, but it appears not, sadly. I see developing bilateral hip bursistis as a pretty major increase in progression.


Hi Seenie.

I had been getting increasing pain in my hip but xray showed no damage to the joint. Then I found I my foot wouldn’t reach the ground when I stood straight. Physio found the problem.

How are you and your PsA getting along?

It and age have attacked my shoulders and I’m getting over a Reverse Shoulder Replacement op a week ago…

Hope you are well



Hey Allan,

Thanks for letting us know how you are. Just thought I’d drop in to let you know my Mum had a reverse shoulder replacement a few years ago (in Turkey, of all places), and though it was not for arthritis, it went remarkably well (she’s at least as fit as me). I do hope it heals well!


Allan! Lovely to hear from you again. My PsA and I are getting along just fine, knock on wood. Enbrel decided to go on strike several years ago, and Humira took over, and has been doing a brilliant job ever since. It’s made it possible for me to work at improving my fitness and my BMI, It’s all good! Thanks for asking.

@tntlamb is also a shoulder replacement connoisseur. His work pretty well, I think @Jen75 how does someone from Oz get a shoulder replacment in Turkey? There’s a story there …


Well, a fall on a set of marble stairs that shatters both the shoulder and ankle whilst in Turkey was how my mum did it. Not fun, pretty stressful for all of us. But now she’s back travelling, we can at least smile about (probably not up to laughing yet!), and brag about how good her shoulder replacement is!


Oh boy, ouch ouch ouch, I knew there was a story there! How awful, your poor mum, poor all of you. I’m glad to hear that the shoulder replacement is worthy of bragging about! And is the ankle all right as well?

Travel is always an adventure, but sometimes you get a very different adventure than you reserved and paid for!

A friend of mine was travelling with her mother. Mum fell ill in Beijing and was admitted to the hospital there. She was extremely well cared for and treated by staff. Apparently it was the hospital food that mum was most impressed by: Chinese food at every meal!


The ankle is ok, though not quite as good (though we did clock just over 17km of mostly flat walking on a couple of days during our recent trip to China - so still works!). They put the ankle back together, rather than replacing it (can one replace an ankle?). Mum sets off the metal detector every time due to all the plates and screws!