Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

I have a date!


I will be admitted to the treatment place on June 17th :blush:
For everyone who doesn’t remember everything that’s ever written on this forum word for word :joy:: I will be going there on Sunday evening and then back home on Friday afternoons for 4 months for a treatment that focusses on the body and mind. To help me learn my own limits (emotionally and physically) it’s a psych ward that also focusses on the body/chronic pain or it’s a rehab facility that also focusses on psych stuff :joy:

I can’t wait! It’s still a month away… I’m feeling pretty good! As long as I take things slow and don’t overdo things… but even if I do it’s just pain and not emotional stuff… I felt like I was doing nothing with my psychologist after we decided I needed the more extensive treatment… but now looking back I’ve already made so many small steps that I’m not starting from rock bottom but a bit further up :blush:

The biggest help for me was to stop being so hard on myself… I was constantly beating myself up for everything I didn’t do perfectly… I felt like if I stopped doing that I wouldn’t do anything anymore… but it turns out the complete opposite! I have room to breath and I don’t get blocked emotionally from the huge mountains I was telling myself I should be moving…

The first time I realised that was when you guys told me if I felt so bad and felt like doing nothing at all… to just do nothing at all… at the time I used it as an excuse to do nothing and thought you were stupid for thinking that would help… but it did :joy: so thanks!

Right now I feel like doing a million things! But then I do one and the pain starts again… it’s mostly fibromyalgia pain that gets worse the more I over do it… which is so frustrating because if I take enough breaks I can do a lot… but I forget to take breaks! So then I’ve overdone it and am done for the day… 🤦 but that’s what they will help me with :blush:

4 months feel so short! But then I remember how truly bad things were in January and I’ve only had an hour a week at a psychologist… (and you guys ofcourse!)


Very glad that you’re already feeling better and you haven’t even been yet! You’ll probably feel like a million bucks when you’re done!


Soo very good you finally have the date sorted, that in itself will be a relief for you :slight_smile:

The time between now and the start of your treatment will just fly passed, before you know it you will be on your way there.

All the very best with it!!! It sounds like a comprehensive treatment program, which will be awesome for you!! Do keep us up to date with how it goes!! Hugs