Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Incredible inflammation markers


Latest bloodwork came in today and has me worried. Sed rate is up to 39, C Reactive
Protein, QN, Serum or Plasma is 6, BMP, Serum or Plasma (Glucose) 200, Bilirubin Indirect .8, Alt (Sgpt) 145 U/L and Ast (Sgot) 134 U/L.

I am very concerned with my liver enzymes and sed rate. What will happen if my enzymes don’t go down? They have been way up for about a year. They have been higher at times, so maybe things are getting better. Sed rate highest it has ever been.

I’ve been on humira for 14 weeks. Apparently it’s not helping. My psoriasis has not improved at all and my joints hurt as much as before I started the humira.

Seeing my rhumy at 6 today. I am preapproved for free cosentyx. I am hoping she will order it for me and that it will work.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hiya Karrie

Well, obviously we’re not doctors (or if we are, we’re not going to say so, LOL) but I guess the question is, what’s your doc saying about your numbers? Are you still on methotrexate?

Fourteen weeks is a minimal trial for Humira, but if your rheumatologist isn’t seeing any improvement, it’s great that she’s decided to move on. Hope the Cosentyx works for you!

How did the appointment go today?


Ok, she was very concerned about liver. Said no more NSAIDs, ever. Back on prednisone and if enzymes come down in 4 weeks, starting stelara. If not I have to go to gastroenterologist. Stopping Lipitor as well. No methotrexate. That was the first drug I tried and got really sick. Stelara is drug number 7. If that doesn’t work, then its cosentyx. I’m excited for the stelara because I’ve heard it works really well on skin. Here’s to hoping!


If it makes you feel any better, my ESR (sed rate) was 120 at one point. For about three years I would have been over the moon to have it at 39! Now I’m on the right biologic (for me) it’s down to 3 (three). So it can, and will, get better eventually when you and the right meds see each other across a crowded room. Perhaps they should invent a dating app for such things!