Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Introducing Kinga from Dubai



Hello my friend, and welcome to Living With PsA! I think you’ll find that many people around here are also typically the quiet type out in public - but our wonderful community provides a comfortable way for people to share their experiences and provide support for one another.

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Thank you Eisi, for a sweet welcome, I will share some of my PSA experiences…I had this disease in 1996 on my skin, then in the year 2000 started in my bone, it was a battle for me then, had quite several medication, at present am using ‘etarneccept once weekly’ for the last few years after trying several med thru ivy, leuflonomide tab, calcium, vit. E, several other med., stopped anti-inflamatory med. due to kidney problem (stage 3) trying to avoid to reach ‘stage 4’… I have few fingers deformity (left n right)… Above all these, I am trying to survive like the rest who suffers the same disease…Avoiding stress as I can…

Lately, i started a new habbit by collecting healing crystals as I can, kind of relaxes me. At present where I’m residing, some tourist coming with the same disease, as they say, sea water/sun helps ease with their PSA disease…During mid 90’s I used to visit ‘‘SAFAGA’’ in Red Sea (Egypt) for 2 months. I had few small spots in my body, got cured for 2 years. Then it started again (reason: lifestyle we lived-in, stress from work, during weekend visiting/partying with friends - consuming alcohol, smoking, eating wrong diet - which trigger back the Psoriasis).

At present am trying to cope with the disease (who knows, one day) scientist/doctors will discover a cure…


Hello Kinga!

Sorry to hear about your kidney problems, but it’s good that you’re taking a biologic (Etanercept / Enbrel). Do you feel that it is helping?

I have a good friend who fondly remembers swimming in the Red Sea as a child. It’s interesting that it seemed to help with psoriasis. Sounds like you are pretty clued up about Psoriatic Arthritis and Psoriasis, especially in terms of trying to avoid stress as far as possible.

We hope to hear more from you, welcome!


Hello fellow Psa sufferer, thanks everyone here and to those newly members, my few updates: Yes am using weekly etarnecept for the last 4-5 yrs, leuflonomide, vit. E. Yes it is quite amazing results so far, I’m avoiding loads of food which can trigger or flare the Psa disease. I seldom touch bagels, dairy products…i.e eggs, milk, beans, nuts, whatever food can trigger, coz only ourselves can help plus my doctor’s advices and of course God Almighty, walking as i can around the areas where i’m residing while feeding stray cats for over four years now, these stray cats for me are like vitamins for stress, they comfort me, collecting shells when i can, part of my stress reliever, planting useful herbs, watching helpful video tips ‘home remedy’ food for Psa sufferer. For now my disease is being controlled as long as all of the above applied…Good sleep, proper food diet, avoiding unnecessary stress although sometimes it can’t be avoided, but again to ignore as we can coz only ourselves will suffer at the end. These new hobbies of mine, collecting shells, meditating with soothing relaxing music, walking exercise, feeding stray cats, petting them, helps me quite enormously, i don’t think at all, watching their looks n faces amazed me, that even some joint pain can be tolerated & forget about them totally…lol…Take care and God Bless everyone here…:kissing_heart:


A cat lover … haha, it’s not just the PsA that you have in common with many of us here then! I bet those strays appreciate you too!

I too find that the way I live my life these days is a very important factor in managing symptoms. Sometimes that comes down to not getting overly stressed about unavoidable stress, if you see what I mean!