Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Is this true?


Thank you


Well it sucks. Your Doc is an ass, but he is likely right. Its the government on the pain meds. Its his own professional association (and state board.) He is simply too much of a wuss to tell you the truth, that pain meds do not work for either of your conditions. You do need to get into a pain clinic, BUT make sure its the real deal with multiple modalities of treatment Multi-disciplinary pain management has a better than 85% success rate. And fire the ass. For a commercial message, we will be rolling out a new community for folks in your situation giving you better base of “data Points” and experience and a whole host of resources and hopefully non-political truth about chronic pain management. LivingwithCentralpain.org Will be the monicker I believe. In any event WE DO get it. But woodworm is right Motion is Lotion. When you wuit moving and quit working eithe condition will turn you into a piece of furniture that can’t even reposition itself to be more comfortable


Don’t worry, I’m still working and exercising. I will try to get a referral to a pain clinic.


I hear you. It took me 18 mos before I found the right combination of medicines that I could work and also do something on the weekend other than veg. It doesn’t make sense why your dr. is not addressing your pain issue. There are only three medicines approved for the tx of fibromyalgia: Cymbalta, Lyrica, and Savella, but with PsA too, you would think they would help with that. I found this medicine called Capsaicin at the local grocery store. It’s a liquid and rolls on the body with a ball applicator. My PC said it was good for pain, and I use it when my hands are really bothering me. Also, I have a rub on pain reliever called Synodrin. It’s 1.25% menthol, but you can also get another version called BioFreeze which is 4% menthol. They are really helpful. If your PC will not provide a pain reliever, I think the last option would be to to go pain management. I hope you feel better soon!


Good ideas. Thank you