Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Looking of others with Psoriatic arthritis"


I am 30 years old and dealing with psoriatic arthritis , which was diagnosed last year as well as 80% body coverage of psoriasis. Right now I am going drug free for both diseases as I am trying to conceive, I am looking for anyone who has trips on how to control pain and swelling well not on the usual meds? I have horrible swelling in my right hand as well as tendon swelling , lack of motion and somewhat sever pain, is this the normal? It’s been a month now with NO relief from anything I have tried.


Hi Sunnny,

Has you discussed taking Sulphaslazine with your rheumy? I was taking this when I fell pregnant with my son. My Rheumy told me that it is the one safe thing to take for PsA while trying to conceive and while pregnant. It provided a little relief for me during that time. My son is now four and a half and he is a normal little boy. I also foung being pregnant was about the last time I was in remission, no drugs at all. I managed to stop evertything, (yay).

It is possible, just more challenging. :)


I am waiting to get into see a new rhumatologist , unfortunately the one I had been seeing closed down his practice. So, that is also part of the reason I am not on anything. And the wait list out where I am to see anyone are huge. My derm does not want to take on looking after my arthritis as she does not know all the drugs that help both conditions. When I was pregnant with my first I had great relief from both conditions , so I am looking forward to that. If I get in with a Rhueumy before I get pregnant I will defiantly discuss this drug with him! Thanx


Try ginger tea as a natural remedy. Literally boil fresh ginger with water. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory. Drink it every day, 2 cups at least. You can put honey or agave in it to sweeten if needed.
Good luck and hope you get knocked up soon! :slight_smile:


I will try that! I love ginger :slight_smile: And thanks…lol


Hey…since reading about the side effects of taking arava- lefludomide…which is what I am on I am feeling like I don’t want to take it anymore. I am also young and will want children in a couple of years. What other natural pain killers are there? Will definitely try the tea! What about taking omega 3??