Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Make way for daybydaywithPSA (from Washington)



Welcome to LivingWithPsA. I love the username - it just rolls off the tongue.

Congratulations on the two upcoming grandchildren - I’m sure that must be really exciting for you! While it does sound like things have been tough for you the last few years, it is important to focus on the positive - and I think you have a lot of that with your big family and supportive husband. If you are looking for additional support, however, then I think you will be pleased to find that our community is filled with it.

Our wonderful members are always pleased to share their experiences and provide advice when needed. So I encourage you to start getting involved in discussions around here - whether it is about treatment options or even just your hobbies. You can also check out the “How To Use This Site” tab for some useful beginner tips.

Hold strong and I (as well as other members) will hope that you get good news from your court date and are accepted for your disability application. Other than that - I wish you the best on these forums and encourage you to contact me if you ever have any questions/concerns!