Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Meds used

Hi, what medications do you take? I recently had to stop taking enbrel due to an allergic reaction. Are all biologics pretty much the same?

There’s different categories of biologics. Humira and Enbrel are both tnf inhibitors but a reaction to one doesn’t mean a reaction to the other.

I’m very relieved that there’s more and more options. I’m still on my first biologic, but I have a lot of years ahead of me still.


I’ve now been prescribed otezla. Haven’t started yet because I’m still waiting on insurance approval. Anyone on otezla? If so, what do you like/dislike about it?

I know this over a year old, but curious if the allergic reaction to Enbrel was injection site reaction i.e. an itchy red lump kind of like a mosquito bite or was it something more widespread. If just the local reaction, that will most likely go away after a few months on Enbrel and I would hate for you to stop the med if it was working for you otherwise.

Hi, it was in several places. I stayed on it for a few months but the hives kept happening so ended up having to stop. I was then put on otezla and this doesn’t seem to help at all. It’s been months and I’ve gotten worse. Now I’m waiting to see which other med the insurance will cover.

Living by God’s design,

I did Otezzla for my first year, help some but not enough.

Allergy is probably to one of the preservatives and not the biologic, but who know…

Yes, it’s been almost a year for me as well.

Living by God’s design,

Ive so far had reactions to methotrexate - extreme urine infection within an hour of taking it and skin rash with sulfasalazine so had to come off them.

Now on leflunomide but it flared up what I thought was pustular psoriasis but been to dermatology and they have identified it as fungal due to a reduced immune system. Feel I’m finally getting somewhere. Long may it last.

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