Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Microbiomes Research in PsA



Oh yes! At last! I’ve always said that we are what we eat. When I followed my healthy diet rigorously I was symptom free, then the ups and downs of life sent me off track and whoosh!! Back to pain and immobility. I’ve signed up for this study if they want me, it’s very exciting that they may be able to better understand this terrible disease and find non-drug treatments. Bring it on!! :blush:


I haven’t looked at the study yet, but this sounds interesting! I hope you keep us in the loop if you get selected for the study! I’d be willing to be part of it, too. I’ll try to take a look at the link later today.


It sounds like exciting research. I’m not sure if you’d be eligible as it’s a London Hospital and Arthritis Research UK but I’ll keep everyone informed xx

At the moment this research study is only taking place in London or Bath, UK. However I live out of those areas so can’t be included I’ve been told. BUT the Professor in charge of the study emailed me yesterday and was lovely! He’s going to talk to my Consultant in Newcastle and see if they can start a study here too! He said ‘watch this space’ … so I’m watching and waiting! :blush:


Keep updating us Katie :blush:


I am based in SW Scotland and have a lovely Rheumy specialist who is tracking my progress going down the natural route. I’ve had PsA for nearly 3 years after a period of intense stress followed by 3 bouts of shingles. My autoimmune system was shot to pieces. After trying methotrexate (2 weeks and I was peeing blood) and salfasalazine ( good 6 months then allergic reaction) I asked if she would support me in trialling a natural route and she agreed. My first step was to stop all intake of aspatame, it is toxic to the body and the more you take in the more the body retains as it doesn’t know what it is. No more diet pepsi, low sugar foods and checking labels. 2 weeks of hell like a drug addict coming off and I improved quite quickly afterwards. High doses of Vit D3 (5000ui) for 3 months and omega 3. Next step was to heal the gut damage done by fizzy juice. I have now been taking L-glutamine powder in drink for 6 months and have managed to get off my acid reflux tablets. I’ve kind of ground to a halt with where to go next but I’m now functioning about 90% of my pre-diagnosis with flare ups only happening after periods of stress. I think the rheumy is using me as a guinea pig but is following my progress closely. I hope this helps someone else and let you know there is chances of recovery to a level that is livable but it sometimes means taking it in to your own hands.


I know, we are what we eat. Here is my healthy plan www.myediblejourney.co.uk


I will @Jen75 :blush:


I think you’re really in the right track here @Batty333 and I applaud you! I’ve been really drumming into everyone the dangers of aspartame and sugar and gluten. It’s hard to stick to any life changing diet at first, especially when you’re living with someone else who doesn’t agree with your food choices and you basically have to buy different things and cook different meals as I do. My hubby doesn’t believe in my diet choices and still eats what I consider to be an unhealthy diet, despite him being border line diabetic and very overweight, no good for his heart condition. Here in Northumberland and most of north east England a lot of people eat very unhealthy choices. I think it’s slowly changing as people get more educated. I think if I really wanted to go down the all natural route my Consultant would support me too, as yours does. Let’s start a revolution :joy:


The more interesting thing (to me) is the only completed study in this area (by a reputable organization) has been for RA I’m curious how it will turn out for PsA as it is a completely different disease with nothing in common with RA other than medications that effect inflammation (resulting from the diseases.

Here is where it gets wacky. In a study with thousands of subjects just published (like 2 days ago) by Mayo clinic, Folks with RA had a far less diverse biome. Those taking MTX developed a more diverse biome and had a reduction in symptoms both self reported and radiographic. Those who went with a med free approach and used only probiotics also developed a diverse biome but had far fewer folks with self reported reduction of symptoms and virtually no reduction radiographically.

The conclusion coul go anywhere but at the top of the list is the messed up biome is not the cause of the disease but a result. Dang…

Hers the thing PsA hasn’t been studied yet so no clue where that will go. For now we do know that diet does have an effect on many symptoms while there is no evidence diet/biome has any effect on progression. Clearly there is much research to be done and it impossible at this point to make conclusions. Clearly there are some exciting things ahead. But in the meantime eat right, exercise, and take your meds.


I agree, PsA symptoms are improved, sometimes hugely, with the right diet combined with movement - it’s interesting that there’s already been an RA study. I wasn’t aware of that. But like you say, two different diseases entirely with inflammation as the common factor. I hear what you’re saying that altered Microbiomes are more likely affected as a result of the disease rather than a cause. I find it fascinating and there are so many possibilities yet to discover as to the how’s and why’s of PsA…and that big question is always whether reduction of symptoms equals slowing down of progression!