Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Moan time


In place of the omeprazole could you take famotidine (such as Pepcid)? It’s an acid reducer and what was prescribed to me after my coronary blockage…omeprazole has some connection with heart problems I think–my brother and I both had to stop taking it after we had heart issues.


Hi GJ, the goal is to get the body to regulate its own stomach acid. I’m half way there, but still need something. I will ask the pharmacist next time I’m in: a change of brand might work.


If I miss taking my Pepcid I get chest pain that mimics heart pain–so similar to the pain during my blockage that the first time it happened (about 8 months after I had the stent put in) I went to the ER, only to find out this pain was indigestion and I hadn’t taken Pepcid for a few days. It’s a very full, heavy, achy feeling in my chest. The only difference with the coronary blockage was the pain went up my throat to the roof of my mouth (kind of similar to brain freeze when you eat something cold).
I’m pretty much on Pepcid for the rest of my life–I don’t think my body knows or can learn how to regulate the stomach acid. :confused:


Is it working yet @yael?


No!!! I can function and everything but I expected less pain like I felt with the steriod injection. Is this it? Having to conserve energy, worrying if I’m going to be somewhere where I’ll have to sit or stand for a long time? I thought the Enbrel would bring back my normal life! Plus the injection site itchy red swelling hasn’t improved. OK I know “be a patient patient” but urgggghhhhhh! I’ve done 5 injections. The antihistimine wiped me out so I just use topical stuff to stop the itching.