Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

MRI of Right Foot

Following up on the pain I have been having with the outside area of my right foot, my podiatrist ordered a MRI, so of course I am looking at the images… :wink:
Can’t tell if this is Enthesis or a torn tendon connection…
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Looks like it might also have a hairline fracture, could be a boot for me in the foreseeable future… Not my favorite foot apparel, especially in the summer with my erythromelalgia burning feet… chase atm close to me
Of course more then likely it will come back as normal… :wink:

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I would encourage you to just wait until you get your report. Without being trained in how to read the mri you’re just going to cause yourself worry.
I’m wondering if you requested the mri or if the doctor suggested it. Sometimes high tech imaging can give too much information and be very overwhelming.

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No worries, I will not do surgery on myself, but will wait…
I know the radiologists and doctors push this idea of not looking, but for me I always thought that was ridicules.

So if anyone is offended by me looking at my MRI images or posting them, they can ignore me, like is usually the case… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I am always fascinated by structures, I have new found respect for podiatrists! :grimacing: I have offered to show my Rheumatologist how to look at them, she has been totally clueless, doctors should spend more then one day studying MRI imaging…
Pretty easy to read, (and misinterpret) found about 5 fractures, some old, some possibly new. OA in my toes are pretty bad.

Here is a image of the OA around the toes, I inverted the image contrast and flipped it 180 degrees to get a better view. I don’t see much erosion, mostly additive…
free photo hosting no registration No reason to be worried about this image, it is what it is… Radiologist will probably not even look at it.

I had a old break of my ankle, never got it looked at, it shows up here:

So if anyone is bored, they can look at their MRI images, It is quite entertaining.


I’ve typically looked at my MRI images too. I can’t help it really. The only time that I ever really saw anything was when I had a herniated disk. This was back in the day when you’d get a printed copy of the images. It was kind of cool and disturbing at the same time to see just how herniated it was.

The one cd I would have liked to see was the one of my foot. I had injured it and it wasn’t healing well, after about 2 months. I just remember being impressed by how intensely the tech was asking me about whether my foot hurt other places as well, lol.

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It is easier for the patient to find the problem on the image, because we can get our bearing from the pain we feel in the area…

I find out tomorrow if I will be in a boot for the rest of the year…
Maybe they will just blame it on OA and send me home?
I have counted 3 stress fractures in my 5th metatarsal, one being a “Jones Fracture” 1 in my 4th metatarsal, and 2 in my 3rd. then the 2 in my cuboid, and countless others… :wink:
It would be unpleasant to have a cast on, a walking boot would put my erythromelalgia in a flare!
PsA related, I did find moderate erosion in the ankle I will ask her about. The twos are all full of osteophytes,so the pain in my toes looks more OA related, as it is mostly additive…

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So the Dx was Tenosynovitis of the flibuatus peroneus brevis tendon, this would explain the pain radiating up the ankle, from the midfoot. Also a old fracture of the Fibula, and at that time the anterior tibiofibular ligament completely tore and is no more…
I have a nice walking boot, it is supposed to heal up in 3 weeks, :wink: but I have had the pain already to 8 weeks, so I will be hobbling around for a few more weeks… I guess my daily exercise will now be limited to walking to the refrigerator… I guess I could do some swimming, probably be good to get the heart pumping.
I imagine that PsA and all the meds do not aid in healing.

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I heal fractures fine with PsA and its meds but I certainly didn’t heal a flesh wound fine with PsA and its meds. That took a very long and tedious 7 months. Best of luck in the boot Jon.

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Thanks, yes probably more difficult to heal flesh and tendons, I can attest to that with my multiple elbow and joint surgeries!
The :hiking_boot:is not my friend…


Get to wear the boot for a month! It will be interesting to see if the Remicade cycle will make the pain worse as I progress between treatments, I had the infusion right before putting on the boot…

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The boot sounds like a lot of fun. Hopefully resting the tendon will give you relief

A new Podiatrist today, and a new boot (looks like part of a storm trooper outfit) for another month… I did get some topical NSAID patches, (when I told him that I was concerned for my liver, being on MTX he incorrectly corrected me, saying kidneys). Kind of a arrogant SOB, but if he helps me, I can care less about his bedside manners. I am also getting 6 treatments with a cold laser, hope it helps.