Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

My newbie hello


I stumbled across this site today when I was googling to see if there was a link between, what I can only describe as internal vibrations and PsA, as often happens, I got distracted and didn’t find a proper answer, lol, but finding a community of fellow PsA sufferers is much more interesting :slight_smile:

I was diagnosed in 2016, but have actually had a variety of misdiagnosed symptoms since the mid 90’s. I’ve been dealing with a variety of chronic conditions most of my life, so PsA wasn’t a shock, it was just another story in my medical history. I have asthma, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, anxiety and depression, looking at my cocktail of medication each day, swings me between laughing and crying :wink:

It’s been an incredibly difficult few years since this diagnosis, but I’m back on a mental upswing and coping fine. After 18 years of marriage my husband decided that I was just too broken and decided to divorce me, that I could handle, the hard part is that I was living with him, my daughter and my dogs in Florida at the time, there on his work visa, I had to pack up, come home to Scotland and leave everything I love behind, it’s been 3 years since I last saw my daughter, she’s just turned 20, this kills me a little everyday. I’ve gone from a beautiful Florida home with a pool, to a tiny rental with no garden. But, I have amazing friends, who are always there for me when it gets too difficult. I think it’s better that I’m back in the UK with our free healthcare than I would be trying to cope alone in the US with no emotional support, money or job.

This has probably gone on a bit too much (and deeply ;)) for a hello post, I apologise, and thanks to any who read my little tragedy, I’m not seeking sympathy or help, I just like to get it all out there from the get go so I can move on to getting to know all of you. :smiley:


Hello TheDebbil.

Life sucks … that’s true enough. But clearly you’re not someone who comes to a halt at that point. Your post isn’t too deep or too long, it’s just real.

Very glad to hear from you, welcome to this community of fellow PsA sufferers!


Welcome from me too!


Welcome, @TheDebbil!


The Debbil,

hello again! I’ve been so embarrassed by that first post I made, I think I was having a ‘funny five minutes’. So insensitive of me! I blame Christmas.

It’s bad enough finding out you have PsA on top of other chronic conditions, but then a divorce, complete change of scene and moving away from your daughter as well … that’s a lot to adjust to. Yet you sound quite proud (and rightly so) of the new life you’ve made for yourself. Having ‘amazing friends’ doesn’t just happen by accident, people tend to deserve them!

I’d want to get it all out there too. ‘Life sucks’ was a silly, off the cuff remark of mine. More to the point, seems that we can make the very best of things and even be genuinely happy in some ways, but so often sources of sadness and regret remain.

I think you’ve got a lot of courage. And perhaps it flags sometimes, for a while. We’re here when and if you need us & we need you also. Hope 2019 is a good one!


Debbil, a warm welcome from me too. Yes, that’s quite a transition, from Florida to Scotland but it’s nice to hear that you are able see the very real advantages of being where you are. When you have what we have, reliable health care (free from potential financial burdens) and good friends are worth an awful lot.

We’re a pretty friendly and often chatty group here, so relax and hang out with us! Nerdy you say? There’s a few of us who are a bit nerdy ourselves, but we won’t name names.

Join in our conversations: the search feature up there to the left of your avatar) works pretty well. So look up what you’re interested in, and add your two cents worth.

Hang in there, and hang out here. We like you already.



Hehe, me! And at my age I don’t even care anymore!