Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

My newly adopted cat


His Holiness Buster, resting on his throne, wanting me to kiss the ring…


:heart: I’ve got two myself (and a dog, too).


He’s very cute! Congrats! We’ve got 3 of our own plus a random bonus cat or two (fosters).


Very handsome fellow! He seems to have a lot of glamorous female fans.

My cat came back from a stay at the cattery with a new presence on Twitter & Facebook. Somebody posted pics of her on the grounds that she looks downright miserable and is actually the happiest girl ever. She’s 20 years old and damn well goes some. Terrorises any cat who comes near the garden and positively gleams. She’s my role model.


So Sybil, your cat is a scraper is she? Good to have a guard for the garden!

A cat in your bed, sleeping near by has claws, this is a important lesson… The little guy is contributing to my insomnia, when I finally drift off, the claws of friendship sink into my arm to let me know how happy he is to be in my company! I guess I have been excepted into the cat fraternity, lots of head bunts, making sure I smell like cat.
I try to get him outside to do his business, so nature can take care of it, besides that he is on his own.


And no doubt you’ve adopted a doctrine of feline infallibility.


Very gorgeous! I’ve a 16 year old cat who is slightly demented I think. Presently he thinks his drinking water is in the loo! His brother had to be put to sleep in June through heart failure and since then his behaviour has got odder. He is incredibly jealous of my one and half year old black lab dog! I certainly believe life is far better and far less stressful when one has animals in one’s life!


While this may not have a lot to do with PsA, your cat may not be going doolally. My old girl drinks loads of water these days (old cats invariably get dodgy kidneys) and much prefers water in puddles or the loo or the sink to that in her bowl. I think it’s possibly 'cos it’s more oxygenated or cooler or something. After all, they are very, very clever.


Quite a wild night with the cat jumping on and off the bed, he is quite happy as clams to have a warm soft scratching board (me) at 4am… I guess i am a morning person now.


Yes, kidney failure rates are high in older cats. I recommend investing in a pet drinking fountain. You can get them for fairly cheap, or you can invest in a nicer one that is easier to keep clean (porous plastic is going to require more scrubbing). I noticed my cats drinking more frequently after I got one. They still, of course, prefer drinking water out of any glass that I set down and leave unattended for more than a few minutes.


Sounds like a new pottery project, for when my wrist heals, I could make a little waterfall…


He didn’t like the alkaline water I gave him…


You must go to the spring and fetch the purest water, no matter how many miles … love hurts right?


I just give him the pure filtered water, he is now happy, and after all that is all that really matters…


He’s always been fascinated by water ever since he fell into a bubble bath when he was a kitten. He chats to his water, sometimes quite long conversations too. And in the summer when I water the pots outside he has a field day chasing the various puddles I make going from one pot to the other!


My little grey cat also likes water. Shed likes to go into the shower after I’m done. She also now has me trained to turn on the shower for a moment for her to go into. She just kind of sits there in the shower. It’s weird.


This is my slightly evil and adorable grey cat.

This is my newly adopted senior cow cat. He’s my constant nap companion.

And finally, my son’s reading friend. She loves to groom him, especially when he’s sweaty.


That is so unusual for cats to have any desire to be around water!
I think why we can relate to cats so much, we follow the same nap schedule!
I can sleep all day too…


Gorgeous cats Stoney and I love the different tasks they’ve set themselves and indeed you!


Apparently many do Jon, especially of the Siamese or Burmese ilk. My cat is black and white but he ‘chats’ just like a Siamese or Burmese. I said this to his breeder and she said she thought some of his litter mates had a bit of Siamese in them. My Percy certainly behaves like a Siamese. Very vocal, very demanding and bullies the dog mercilessly! (spelling?)