Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

My newly adopted cat


Visiting another furry friend! https://s19.postimg.org/hb4zvy6jn/IMG_0628.jpg


Very shaggy furry friend and very gorgeous!


He is the perfect combo, very sweet dog.


This is Tiger my cat

He’s around 18 years old- I adopted him when he was 2.

He’s an amazing cat.

I guess you would say that he has a type A personality- bold,determined and talkative .

If there’s something he wants or he’s not happy about something he’ll let me know lol.

He’s also very affectionate.

He has chronic kidney disease which is quite common in older cats.

This can be diagnosed and managed fairly early through routine blood work .

Increased drinking and associated urination are early signs .


That’s adorable


Fabulous good looking cat Ktel. Glad he’s a talker too. Mine never shuts up, mostly complaining that the dog exists and that’s despite the fact the dog is terrified of him given he’s beaten him up so many times. When I tell him to ‘sshhh’ he just yowls louder. We often have shouting matches which must make my neighbours think I’m completely nuts. Sigh…


Cat issues; kept me up since 3am, he had a little stomach bug, up-chucked all over the place, got everything cleaned up, then he was hungery… finally kicked him out around 6am, it turns out there was a frost last night too. Maybe he will get his own bedroom!


I think Tiger is a jumping cat, isn’t he?


He does like to jump but I think you may be confusing him with this guy



Do you think we should have a new category: “Cats living with people living with Psoriatic Arthritis”?


Or “cats adopting humans with psoriatic arthritis”



Another title could be “Challenges cats face when adopting humans with psoriatic arthritis”…


Funny you should talk about the cat having his own bedroom, I think about mine having his quite a lot especially when he tells me or rather shouts to me at around 3am that he’s thinking of have a drink of water from the toilet and then has his usual rather long conversation with the water in the toilet bowl and worst of all makes the seat wet!


Tiger doesn’t sleep in the bedroom with me any more. He sleeps on his cat tree in the living room.

He’s perfectly happy there.

For years he used to sleep on my bed but then around 9 years ago something changed and he just wouldn’t settle down and sleep .

He would want to play, wouldn’t let me sleep would climb all over me , jumping on my head etc.

Every once in a while I’ll give it another go and see if he’ll settle but so far he hasn’t

It’s not that he’s not tired because he does sleep in the other room.

Just one of his many foibles.


your comments are cracking me up.


He’s an exceptionally self opinionated cat who persists in telling everyone what he thinks ‘loudly’!


My cat is getting the hang of chronic fatique, just joining in on the naps!


Can’t see the photo but isn’t he a sweetie for just catching the naps when necessary?


I will try this… https://s19.postimg.org/7ea8ld79v/IMG_0675.png