Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

My newly adopted cat


Today I can see the picture without needing the link. He’s is such a sweetie isn’t he? Lucky you.


Yes, he is…


Sometimes the best therapy for all of this is having an understanding pet to snuggle with, smile with, go ‘awww’ with and just have snuggle closer to you when they see it’s abit too overwhelming. My thoughts are always far more sensible then. They live in the moment, couldn’t care less about yesterday most of the time, have a truly optimistic view on tomorrow but just ensure this moment always is what is lived. And they forgive endlessly, ceaselessly and ever endlessly. They can teach us so very much, can’t they? Sometimes I just shut out the rest of the world for a while and just observe and learn from them. It always helps too.

Hope things are going well for you Jon and whatever keep snuggling that cat. It just only helps, always.


Yep, this has become a whole new **CAT**egory.


Buster had another close brush with death, we think he may have been bit by a rattlesnake, but it could have just been a bee, his paw then leg swelled up for a day and he then went missing. but he was back that night no worse for the wear! The previous owner caught him once swatting a baby rattlesnake, under his trailer, cats…


Scary. So glad Buster is back and doing fine. My cat when he was very young came in covered in antifreeze from someone’s car. It took a beat or two before I remembered antifreeze kills cats and they love the smell and taste. Poor boy got thrown in the kitchen sink and covered in washing up liquid and had his very first proper bath. Thankfully that was after he fell into my bubble bath so I knew water and indeed the suds from the washing up liquid wouldn’t faze him that much. He purred through the whole thing and thought it was just dandy. So yes it’s defintely just … cats…


that is why they have 9 lives, mine is probably on about the 7th…


Mine is at least on his 13th… :upside_down_face: In fact I’ve given up counting. Given his age now though, he stays close to home. More so I think to make sure the dog is kept in his place though…



He is just such a sweetheart isn’t he? How lucky are you???

I don’t ‘know’ you at all Jon. You exhibit huge fiestiness at finding out about this disease though. However you’re just silent on that now.

So. I’m guessing you need me to make sure that just gorgeous cat of yours makes sure to give you a huge big hug. x


Thanks, the biologics seem to be helping, I get another infusion next week. It kind of wears off at the 6 week mark so a lot of fatigue, but the cat likes to take naps with me…


I think this is a humorous thread that only us cat people get. I have had, what I call, 3 nurse cats over the years. These were all little females that would get in my lap or sleep with me when I felt bad.

I am done to one now and she is getting old. When my PsA acts up and I have a hard time sleeping, she curls up on me. When I moan and move around in bed at night due to the pain, she waits until I settle, then curls back up on my stomach.




We’ve joked sometimes about how long we would have to be dead before they started eating us. One of my cats used to sit on my headboard and watch me sleep. She did it because she loved me, but I have to admit it was a little bit creepy.


I didn’t want my cat to be bored when I left for a while, so I put on a 2 hour cat video for hime to watch. He ended up pausing it, probably swatting the screen!


This is one very pampered cat! Made me laugh out loud. My cat’s brother who sadly had to be put to sleep last June was the more technologically advanced of the two. I had a CD player which would open if you walked by it and he would spend hours opening and shutting it when he was younger. That and chasing the paper out of the printer. His brother just prefers getting me to open and close the door repeatedly despite the fact there’s a cat flap!

But how are you doing Jon?


My poor cat is sick, he disappeared for two days and came back with a urinary track infection, The vet gave him a antibiotic shot, but he can hardly walk, and can’t control his bowls. Looks like it will be a long night.
Poor thing…


Poor sweetie. I hope he feels better really soon.


He was in better spirits today, so I let him go sit in the sun, then he made a beeline for the crawl space, so now he is under the trailer… He is having trouble using his back legs, but still managed to escape!


Hope he continues to improve Jon.