Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

My newly adopted cat


Buster has returned, seems like he may be a little better.


Still not eating, he is down to 16 pounds…


He is slowly starting to eat, I think his day under the house helped him…


Poor boy. Cats are odd when they’re not feeling well. Hope he continues to improve.:cat:



Just perfect!


Buster has bounced back to his old self!


I wish everyone here could do that! :smirk:


So pleased to hear Jon :grinning:


I think you need to have a come to Jesus Talk with the boy Jon. A UTI is clear evidence he was being naughty. Sin has consequences.


Well done Buster! Bet you’re smiling though Jon even if envious. :grinning:


Buster is now a minor celebrity.

I don’t have a Facebook Page, but my long-dead dog does. He makes some ridiculous claims, especially re. his preferred authors. Especially as he’s long-departed.



What a contented looking cat!


Because he got a tummy rub…


And didn’t then attack your hand???


No, he loves tummy rubs, he doesn’t attack like most normal cats. We rough play, where I grab his legs and thrn he will play bite my hand, the claws are real though…


Cats have perfected the apathetic look…


He’s so sweet and yes that look has been perfected!


Poor Buster has to get his eye removed! His glaucoma is getting bad, and his eye is internally bleeding. So they will take it out and put a plastic eye in then stitch it up. I may have to get him a pirates patch!!