Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

My newly adopted cat


They do really well after the surgery, especially because he’s probably been pain.


Yes, We have another cat that had it done.
He does hate the eye drops I had to give him every day, so he will be happy to stop!


Oh poor Buster. Lots of hugs for him. I bet he’ll do really well though. However you guys certainly like to keep the medics busy …


Nice to see a fellow feline lover here! I have 3. If PsA has me down they comfort me. They pile on me and their warm helps my pain. Their sweetness distracts me and I don’t feel so bad. Even if I am the only human in the house I am never alone.


He got his stitches out, from his eye surgery… you are right they are comforting.


Buster defended his turf today, so he gets the honorary “Thugs Life” award!
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Who needs a expensive cat bed, when you have a hamper of dirty clothes!


Or indeed a hamper of clean ones too!


I think Buster prefers the dirty clothes smell…