Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Need Ideas!


So we’ve been calling the weekly news item that we send out “Weekly News Item”. Lacks a certain “something” dontchathink? LOL People get so much mail and junk in their email inboxes these days, we need something to stand out. Some discards –

*Hoofbeats *(referencing the old zebras and horses thing) – Angela pointed out that there are several equestrian organizations which use that one
Stripes – mine, just plain weird
*News from Ben’s Friends *-- yawn
A clever wordsmith friend of mine suggested Zebra Gnus. ROFL, but I think the hilarity would wear off within minutes.

Seriously, we need a new name! Friends. Connections. News. Community. Togetherness. Put your creative caps on … what can you come up with?

Just reply to this post with your BEST suggestion!


News of the psa world


I’d call it “The Weekly Flair”
A bit of humour, a bit of sarcasm and lots of reality …

Or, “The Weakly Flair”
Enjoy the day, I won’t take it personally if totally rejected!!


LOL, great suggestions! Thanks for letting us know.