Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)



Hi everyone. I am a 71 year old man living in Hampton, VA. Been dealing with PsA for somewhere around 24 years. First few years were handled pretty efficiently using nsaids, methotrexate, and prednisone. Last 7 or 8 years have been more of a challenge. Ulcer, surgeries, new meds, changing meds all have been a part of it.

At one time of another have been on Humira (twice), Remicade (twice),Cimzia, and am now awaiting my 3rd infusion of Simponi aria in early Jan. Some meds worked, but insurance issues required changes; others worked, then quit working, then were tried again at later dates, with mixed reviews. Keeping my fingers crossed that the Simponi will do the trick.

In spite of this nasty disease, I manage to get along. I can still play golf, except on the worst of days. I had to give up sailing. I lost too much flexibility and strength to continue with sailing. Really hated that. Lived with my wife aboard our sailboat for 5 years. It just gets in your blood.

Well, didn’t mean to get too long winded, but I am looking forward to hearing of your experiences, sharing a few of mine, and learning as we go along. Glad to be here.

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Welcome! Never say never, I wouldn’t sell the boat yet! There is some rigging (extra pulleys or something) that can be done. Or least that’s what my old college roommate who is a sailing nut says after having taken (forced) a few years off. My sailing knowledge is limited to a few booze cruises on catamaran in the Caribbean. But after a many year timeout I’m backpacking again soooooo. I hear you about the insurance forcing med changes. That’s why I’m on Simponi Aria myself (damn Medicare anyway) But I gotta tell ya, I’m glad they did. I love the stuff…I hope it works as well for you as it has for me. Just got some today in fact…glad you are here. Again Welcome!

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Hi there! I’m married to a sailor - not a professional sailor but it is in his blood too. He has stopped sailing just 'cos of getting older, being busy with other things etc. etc. I’m hoping he’ll get a boat again someday but meanwhile he’s joining a canal barge charity - it’ll involve fundraising to maintain old boats, some expeditions and so on. Is there any way you could get back on the water without the full-on man battles ocean scenario?

You have a lot of experience with this disease. Nobody wants that kind of experience but I’m sure yours could be helpful to others here. Good luck with Simponi, I hope you get a lasting result.

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Hello there, thank you for sharing. Expert sailor husband, was actually planning to move to live in a sailboat, moored in a tourist harbour near Rome, Just so we would be able at least to get a whiff of the sea air and the ultimate freedom, here s hoping we can all continue or start doing that while minding our aches and pains. Let s keep the tales, so useful for everyone, have a nice day.

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Thanks for the warm welcome. Looking forward to getting to know each other.

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I’m not a sailor really (went out with one who kept winning races as a college student and had fun on a trapeze wire!) but I love the water and being on a boat on the water. Every year we take a boat on the Norfolk Broads in the UK and just wander along the rivers and broads (lakes) for a week. It is especially divine and simply feeds my soul. And I refuse to let any PsA issues take that away from me. I’m also a sea lover having grown up with it at the bottom of the front garden in south Co Dublin in Ireland. Google Killiney Bay, it’s rather beautifully special. Trying to find decent empty beaches to roam in the south east of the UK though is always challenging!