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Yesterday evening I had to put my remaining cat to sleep. He was nearly 17 and on Saturday evening he collided with the dog when I threw the dog a ball. He broke his leg in two places and it was unlikely that the operation to mend it would work, given his age and other newly discovered health problems. It would have also meant I would have to crate him for up 4 months afterwards which he would have just hated beyond anything. I had him from when he was 8 weeks old. Of an evening he would always lie next to me with a paw touching my skin, I’m so going to miss him. :sob:


Oh Poo. 17 years is a long relationship. So sorry to hear this. Cats are exquisite animals and I know how much you’ll miss him.


Been there many times, Poo. You’re lucky to have had him for 17 years, I lost two dogs in a row at the age of 7. The pain is always the same, regardless of age or if a cat or a dog. But what are you going to do? Not have them? I can’t imagine a house without furry paws!

Take comfort in your dog for now. Then one day in the future you’re sure to find another cat – or another cat will find you! One of my friends has never bought or adopted a cat, all her cats have adopted her!

Thinking of you…



I’m so sorry. What a way to go, colliding with the dog.


Yes he very much liked to make sure the dog was behaving properly. He was extremely bossy of the dog. Sat in doorways so the dog couldn’t get through. Sat on the sofa so the dog couldn’t. Had to be fed before the dog was. Had to go outside ahead of the dog. Had to make sure at every single turn the dog knew he was the boss! He very often slapped the dog too just 'cos he could.

I didn’t know he was where he was when I threw the ball for the dog. I’m guessing the dog accidently stood on his paw chasing the ball. The breaks in his leg was like his leg was twisted as if opening a bottle. And the lower break was right down at his ankle joint and it was that break that the vet thought would be unlikely to heal correctly. Added to that we discovered he was hyperthyroid and had developed a heart murmur. They also thought he was on the brink of starting kidney failure which they thought was masked by the thyroid issue. So given all that he might not have made it through the operation anyway. If he did he’d have a long recovery. And in treating his thyroid I would probably put him into kidney failure anyway. I just couldn’t have done all that to him, it would have been just wrong. On Saturday he had a lovely day. I had even just watered the flower pots, his favourite thing as that meant he could splash in all the puddles. Yes this cat loved water and often had long conversations with puddles and would spend ages splashing in them.


Sorry to hear about your kitty. We have 10 now and three of them are 17. We have had many other kitties over 40 years and they all were special. I have a little girl that keeps me comfortable when I hurt. She is my nurse cat.

Wife and I came home about this time last year and found a trail of blood and bloody foot prints. We tracked down one of our younger cats and he had cut his foot somehow. We rushed him to the emergency vet and they discovered he had cut both his back feet severely. He was cut all the way through both feet between his middle toes to his ankles, severing several tendons and arteries. Doc said it looked like he had stepped on a scalpel. To this day we have not found what he cut himself on.

The doc was amazing and performed micro surgery on him. He was in casts and a crate for 8 weeks, but now is fine. By the way, his name is Trouble!

I know how special your kitty was and you will always cherish your years together.


Oh Pooh, I’m so sorry. Losing a pet is always hard: their love in unconditional and innocent. All their life we’ve loved and protected them, but in the end, we cannot protect them from death. Thinking of your sadness brings back memories of my own pets having to cross that bridge. My thoughts are with you tonight. :anguished:


Thanks Tamac. I only had this cat and his brother. Sadly his brother went into cardiac failure in June last year and I opted not to treat that too. His brother had gone through all the hyperthyroid issues which I treated with tablets for a couple of years and then finally had it operated on. That gave him around three more years post operation, which was lovely.

I’ve always had cats and it’s truly odd not to have any now. This one always went to bed with me and wouldn’t settle unless just one paw was touching me. It was very sweet.


:cry::heart:️so sorry to hear your sad news xxx